Line Launcher - Co2 Powered - 80m

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A hand-held launcher using compressed CO2 (16g cylinder) to propel a hi-vis safety line and floatation pod to over 80 metres accurately, safely and repeatedly. Can be reloaded & launched in under 1 minute.


The Line Launcher is one of the first launchers to use a 16g compressed CO2 cartridge rather than expensive and sometimes hazardous pyrotechnics. The Launcher propels a hi-vis safety line and floatation pod accurately, safely and repeatedly to over 80 metres, and can be reloaded & launched in under 1 minute.

Designed for ease of operation in even the most extreme weather conditions and environments, and ideal for situations requiring a line connection Vessel-to-Vessel, Vessel-to-Shore, Man Overboard, crossing gaps and rivers, construction projects etc.

All components are multi-use except for the CO2 cylinder.

Supplied as a complete unit comprising one off each of Launcher, Pod, Line, Canister and DryBag, plus two CO2 Cylinders.


  • Length: 805mm

  • Width: 94mm

  • Height: 183mm

  • Weight (total): 3.5kg

  • Materials: 2014-T6 aluminium alloy,  316 stainless steel, plastic moulded parts

  • Pod weight: 0.43kg (floating)

  • Line length: 80m x 2.5mm hi-vis floating polypropylene

  • Propellant: 1 x 16g CO2 cylinder per launch

  • Range: 80m average

  • Reload/relaunch time: under 1 minute

  • Number of relaunches: Unlimited

  • Manufactured to ISO9001 QA standard