Mullion - SOLAS Fire Fighters Complete Kit

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The complete SOLAS Mullion fire fighters kit (including equipment storage bag). Professional fire fighter gear that complies to SOLAS / MED regulations. 


The Mullion SOLAS fire fighters kit is a professional fire fighter suit that complies with SOLAS regulations. The equipment has been developed in partnership with Sioen Firefighter Clothing department — firefighter clothing design and manufactuer specialists. Who hold a vast amount of experience to help Mullion develop a firefighter suit that fufills the needs of off-shore applications and customers.

Complete SOLAS Fire Fighter Set Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Two-layer fire resistant garment that is breathable, with an excellent wicking performance, and water repellent outer-shell. Narrow sleeves and stand-up collar with touch & close fastening for neck protection. Front zip closure under flap, with flame-resistant reflective tape on chest / back / arms area — increasing visibility (day and night).
  • Two-layer professional fire fighter trousers — fire-resistant, breathable, with excellent wicking perfomance. Outer shell treated with water repellent finish. Featuring a front fly zipper, and adjustable elasticated shoulder braces, and flame-resistant reflective tape on legs.
  • Durable, flame-retardent helmet. Featuring leather neck protector for defense against flames, sparks, steam and liquids. Full-surface impact protection and insulation. 3-point attachment Nomex chin strap with quick-release buckle. Replaceable visor, and inner / outer shelter detaches — ideal for inspection, cleaning, or maintenance.
  • Heat and cut resistant leather gloves with Kevlar thread on seams, with the sleeves narrowing by touch and close fastening. Made from cut resistant insulation material (100 % Para-aramide) with a Eurotex membrane. 
  • Electrical insulating fireman’s boots. Featuring rubber uppers, protective toe caps, and flame retardant rubber outsole with comfortable woven cotton canvas lining.
  • Red Mullion's Fire Fighter kit storage bag, for easy stowage of the complete set.

The set includes:

1 x Intervention Jacket: Mullion Professional fire fighter jacket that complies with SOLAS regulations, available in S,M,L,XL,XXL.

1 x Intervention Trousers: Mullion Professional fire fighter jacket that complies with SOLAS regulations, available in S,M,L,XL,XXL.

1 x Gloves: Heat and cut resistant leather gloves with Kevlar thread on seams. Perfect fit with elastic tightening at the wrists, available in SIZES 9,10 and 11

1 x Helmet: Durable and adjustable flame retardant helmet with neck protector and replaceable visor — universal sizing to fit 52cm-64cm

1 x Boots: Electrical Insulating fireman’s boots , with rubber uppers, a protective toe cap, a flame retardant rubber outsole and a comfortable woven cotton canvas lining, available in sizes 36-50

1 x Storage Bag: Allows convenient stowage of the complete Mullion SOLAS fire-fighter set

Set Technical Information:

  • Jacket and Trousers: available sizes S - XXXL
  • Helmet:  1 size / universal (52cm-64cm)
  • Gloves: Available sizes: 9 - 11
  • Boots: Available sizes: 42 - 46


  • Firefighter Complete Kit: SOLAS 
  • Jacket and Trousers: EN 469 : 2005 + A1 : 2006 / Xf2 Xr2 Y1 Z2, EN ISO 13688 : 2013
  • Helmet: EN 443:2008 Type A E2 E3 * * * * C
  • Gloves: EN 659 : 2003 + A1 : 2008, EN 420:2003 +A1:2009
  • Boots: EN ISO 20345 : 2011 SB PE FO CI HI HRO SRA, EN 15090 : 2012 F2 HI3 P CI SRA, EN 50321 : 2018 Class 0







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Price £546.00
Brands Mullion



  • Two piece fire resistant garment with a two-layer

  • Aramid thermal insulation barrier

  • Breathable

  • Wicking performance

  • Outer shell treated with water repellent finish

  • Flame resistant triple trim reflective tape on chest, back, arms and legs for optimum visibility day and night

  • Stand-up collar with touch and close fastening to protect the neck

  • Front zip closure

  • Storm flap

  • Adjustable elasticated shoulder braces on trousers

  • Adjustable wrist closures

  • Colour standard orange

  • Available in size S-2XL

  • Outer fabric: Aramide

  • Quilted lining: FR Cotton-Aramide



  • Cow-nappa leather

  • Lining with cut resistant insulation material (100% Para-aramide)

  • Eurotex membrane

  • Elastic tightening at the wrist

  • Kevlar thread



  • Full-surface impact protection and insulation against heat all over the entire helmet inside

  • Nomex chin strap (with 3-point attachment) with quick release buckle

  • Replaceable visor

  • Leather neck protector to protect neck, ears and part of the cheeks against flames, sparks, steam and liquids

  • Inner and outer shell detachable for inspection, cleaning and maintenance

  • One helmet fits head sizes 52-64 cm



  • Flame retardant rubber upper with heat insulation and chemical resistance

  • Flame retardant, fuel oil resistant and slip resistant rubber outsole

  • Withstands 18kV and high temperature

  • Cold insulating outsole construction

  • Steel midsole that withstands pins and sharp objects

  • Steel toe cap (EN ISO 20345)

  • Comfortable woven cotton canvas lining



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