Anti-Static Helicopter Earthing Pole

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NATO Approved anti-static helicopter earthing pole - 

NATO Stock No. 5120-99-728-7485


NATO APPROVED - NSN 5120-99-728-7485


NATO approved anti-static earthing pole, approximately 1850mm in length 

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Price £150.00



  • Steel hook / probe 150cm

  • 10mm copper earthing wire sheathed in plastic and securely attached to the steel hook. Normally the wire is 5 metres in length, but alternative lengths may be fitted if requested. - Note: the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) suggest a wire length of between 3.5m and 5m

  • Wooden stave 1.35 / 2.0 metres. - Note: CAA state that the handle should be at least 85cm

  • The sheathed earthing wire is tightly whipped to the wooden stave to ensure that in use no weight comes on the wire-probe connection

  • Earth connection.

  • Foam grip extending not less than 30cm along the handle.

  • Unit has NATO Stock No. 5120-99-728-7485



  1. a) Crocodile Grip clamping device

  2. b) 2m copper rod

  3. c) 4kg steel weight

  4. d) 160mm stainless steel spike*

  5. e)  As Requested