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Ruth Lee - Rescue and Training Manikins


Training manikins specifically designed to meet the needs of the Offshore industry, whether it's for man overboard exercises (MOB), emergency breathing apparatus (BA) training, helicopter safety and escape training, or escape chute training.



Man Overboard & Body RecoveryMan Overboard & Body Recovery
Man Overboard & Body Recovery

A comprehensive range includes Training and Rescue Manikins specifically designed for simulating unconscious casualties in water scenarios. These manikins are highly regarded, and trusted by prestigious organisations such as the British and US Navies, all UK Fire Services, and NATO forces worldwide.

Ports & HabourPorts & Habour
Ports & Habour

Offering a range of manikins manufactured for  Maritime facilities. Whether you need a manikin for Man Overboard Drills during pilotage, Manual Handling exercises, or Casualty Evacuation Training, we have the perfect model to meet your requirements.

Blue LightBlue Light
Blue Light

These dummies are widely utilised in various applications such as Public Order Training, Control and Restraint, Casualty Evacuation Training, Tac Med First Aid Delivery in High Threat Environments, and Mass Casualty Exercises. We understand the unique needs of police forces and offer reliable solutions to enhance their training programs.

Emergency Medical Services Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Medical Services

Paramedic or HART teams require manikins designed for specialist training to prepare emergency response workers for time-critical situations! And saving lives. Featuring training manikins for manual handling during confined space training or airway management.

Fire & Rescue Fire & Rescue
Fire & Rescue

High-quality Training Manikins for Fire & Rescue Services and Firefighting drills. Featuring a range of specifically designed dummies for Firehouse scenerios, confined spaces, mass casualty, and casualty evacuation.


The recommended maniikin range for the training of military personnel used for Man Overboard, Casualty Evacuation, Fitness Testing or a Mass Casualty Exercise. Ruth Lee has supplied dummies to UK Ministry of Defence including the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

Search & Rescue Search & Rescue
Search & Rescue

Search and Mountain Rescue teams operate in a wide range of terrains, with many different scenerios. Such as, swift water, wide area search exercises, avalanche rescues, ropework for steep ground or crag situations, casualty care and evacuation by stretcher.


Browse a wide range of Rescue & Training Manikins used for common exercies and simulations within the Aviation sector. Desigined for drilling exercises that require dummies for Breathing Apparatus, Manual Handling or a Mass Casualty Exercise.


Browse an extensive collection of items and accessories designed to enhance your training manikins. Customise Ruth Lee Training Dummies according to your specific needs!


Ruth Lee - Training and Rescue Manikins 

Widest Range of Manikins. Suitable for Almost Every Scenerio. 

With over 30 years of experience in supplying various organisations and sectors worldwide, Ruth Lee offers expert insight with their the most versatile range of Rescue and Training manikins for many different types of situations and scenarios. Real life actions and consequences are at the heart of the Ruth Lee manikin range design, ensuring that their effective use during specialist training of live-saving skills, is up to the standard that your job requires — as a professional who saves lives. 

Specialised Manikins for Effective and Realistic Training.