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Offshore Training Manikins

The comprehensive range of offshore training manikins from Ruth Lee. Designed to meet the diverse needs of Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms, Offshore Wind Installations, and Marine Environments. These high-quality manikins ensure realistic training for emergency response, rescue operations, and specialised exercises, enhancing workplace safety and preparedness. Highlights include the Offshore Training Manikin for various rescue scenarios, the Man Overboard (MOB) Training Manikin for open water rescue exercises, the Helicopter Winch Manikin for horizontal lift training from water, the Working at Height Manikin for simulating rescue at heights, the Ships Rescue Manikin compliant with SOLAS regulations for onboard drills, and the Fire House Training Manikin for BA snatch rescue in firehouse scenarios. Each model offers unique features to meet the demanding needs of offshore operations, making them essential tools for ensuring the safety and preparedness of personnel in hazardous environments.

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