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Ships Rescue Training Manikin - Dummy for Ship Rescue Operations - Mannequin for Large Vessel Rescues

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Ruth Lee Ship Rescue Training Manikins comply with SOLAS regulations and are vital tools for onboard drills and training. Developed with input from the British Navy and the RNLI, these industry-favoured manikins are specifically designed for emergency exercises such as Enclosed Space Entry, rescue drills, Abandon Ship procedures, and Emergency Evacuation. They can be used for realistic Man Overboard scenarios, either with a buoyancy aid or the lighter 40kg Man Overboard Manikin. Improve procedures, communication, and crew preparedness with our realistic and versatile manikins. Choose Ruth Lee for enhanced safety and compliance in maritime operations.

Maritime Rescue Mannequin - Realistic Training Dummy for Ship Rescue Operations on Large Vessels - Ships Rescue Manikin

Adhering to SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulations, the Ship Rescue Training Manikins by Ruth Lee are indispensable assets for onboard training, drills, and exercises. Manufactured in partnership with the British Navy and the RNLI, these highly regarded models are tailored to meet the specific needs of the shipping industry, catering to emergency training drills such as Enclosed Space Entry, rescue operations, Abandon Ship procedures, and Emergency Evacuation exercises. These versatile training manikins are ideal for simulating Man Overboard situations aboard large vessels such as cruise-liners and ferries, with the flexibility of using a buoyancy aid or opting for the specialised lightweight Man Overboard Manikin, weighing a mere 40kg! By presenting realistic challenges with the use of this type of training equipment, these manikins effectively enhance procedures, foster better communication, and fortify your crew's overall preparedness for real life situations. 


This model is used at the MCA Training Centre, HM Coastguard, P&O Ferries among more.

Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Tough, flame retardant Polyester material conforming to BS EN ISO 15025:2002
  • Anatomically correct manikins suitable for marine evacuation systems and ship's life-saving appliances
  • Suitable for use in survival craft equipment
  • Can be safely used in water and has built-in buoyancy (additional aids recommended in rough waters)
  • Realistic weight of 60kg provides lifelike experience in water or onboard areas like living accommodation or engine rooms
  • Neck design allows for the fitting of immobilisation/extrication collars for proper casualty care
  • Polyethylene strips from shoulder to knee provide flexibility while preventing bending during stretcher or recovery device use (e.g., Jason's Cradle)
  • Ideal for SOLAS Chapter III Regulation 19 compliance

Technical Information:

  • Flame retardant Polyester material conforms to BS EN ISO 15025:2002.
  • High-density polypropylene webbing for reinforcing and lifting loop:25mm webbing rated to 207Kg.
  • 50mm webbing rated to 440Kg.
  • Non-absorbent closed-cell foam provides buoyancy and padding.
  • Manufactured in the UK, adhering to ISO9001:2015 standards.
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Height: 1.8m


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  • Material: Flame retardant Polyester, conforming to BS EN ISO 15025:2002.

  • Webbing: High-density polypropylene webbing used for reinforcing and lifting loop.

    • 25mm webbing rated to 207Kg.

    • 50mm webbing rated to 440Kg.

  • Buoyancy: Non-absorbent closed-cell foam incorporated to provide buoyancy and padding.

  • Weight: 60Kg, offering realistic weight distribution in water or around the vessel.

  • Anatomical Accuracy: Anatomically correct design to simulate human form and movement.

  • Neck Compatibility: Equipped with a neck for fitting immobilization/extrication collars, promoting proper casualty care.

  • Flexibility with Stability: Polyethylene strips running from shoulder to knee allow flexibility while preventing excessive bending, ensuring stability during stretcher or recovery device use.

  • Origin: Manufactured in the UK, adhering strictly to ISO9001:2015 standards.