Credit terms available to government Organisations, NHS, Schools & Blue light services

Fire and Rescue Training Manikins

Prepare your fire-fighting teams with our Fire and Rescue Training Manikins, tailored for Fire & Rescue Services and firefighting drills. This range includes specialised models like the Firefighting Duty Range Manikin for firehouse scenarios, and manikins for mass casualty incidents. The range offers simulations for CPR, airway management, and body recovery, while the 50kg Confined Space Manikin prepares for challenging extraction scenarios. For operations at height and helicopter rescues, use the Ruth Lee Working at Height and Helicopter Winch Manikins. Train for urban search and rescue with the Urban Search and Rescue Manikin and handle man overboard (MOB) incidents efficiently. Enhance readiness for casualty evacuation with our Casualty Evacuation Manikin. Each manikin ensures effective training, preparing your team for any emergency with confidence.

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