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Fibrelight Developments - MOB Cradles & Ladders

Fibre Light Developments Fibre Light Developments
Fibre Light Developments
Man Overboard (MOB) CradleMan Overboard (MOB) Cradle
Man Overboard (MOB) Cradle

Fibrelight Man Overboard Cradles

Fibrelight MOB Recovery Cradle, 1.3m wide, available in lengths from 2m to 9m. Light, compact, and versitile maritime recovery system. Serving as a boarding ladder, scramble net, and stretcher — can be operated by a single person.

Mass Recovery CradleMass Recovery Cradle
Mass Recovery Cradle

Fibrelight Mass Recovery Cradles 

Designed for use by offshore industries' vessels, coastguards and tug boats, to recover multiple casualties from the water at any one time. This Fibrelight MCR (Mass Casualty Recovery) Cradle is an MOB (Man Overboard) device designed for mass rescue.

Self Recovery LadderSelf Recovery Ladder
Self Recovery Ladder

Fibrelight Self Recovery Ladders

Designed as a life-saving device for fishermen operating vessels on their own or with limited crews. Its intended use is by casualties who have fallen overboard, to enable them to climb back onto the vessel easily and independently. 

Emergency LadderEmergency Ladder
Emergency Ladder

Fibrelight Emergency Ladders (SOLAS & MCA)

SOLAS compliant and accepted by the UK Maritime Authority (MCA); the Fibrelight Emergency Ladder is a tested and approved life-saving device. Designed for use on all vessels such as cruise liners, merchant ships, offshore support vessels, naval ships and super yachts. 

Escape LadderEscape Ladder
Escape Ladder

Fibrelight Escape Ladders

Strong, durable and lightweight ladder for escaping from confined spaces, stairwells and high windows effectively. Easy to operate and set-up with a simple connect and use' design. One-person operation options and ready for use in seconds. 

Tactical LadderTactical Ladder
Tactical Ladder

Fibrelight Tactical Assault Ladders

Designed to be the ideal climbing solution for military and emergency services, offering incredible strength and lightweight construction, meeting the most demanding requirements.

Instinct LadderInstinct Ladder
Instinct Ladder

Fibrelight Instinct ladders

A robust and flame-resistant ladder designed for efficient and rapid vertical access from boats. its strength and adaptability, this ladder equipment is perfect for military, coastguard, and police ops. Additionally, it comes in a black colour variant that is ideal for tactical applications.

Micro Stretcher

Fibrelight Micro-Stretcher

Collapsible Micro-Stretcher, a lightweight, compact yet rigid stretcher developed for military and emergency rescue applications over rough terrain or where there may be limited vehicle access. available in a choice of colours to suit its application


Fibrelight Accessories

Browse a range of Fibrelightt accessories, such as Fibrelight Ladder 'Stand-offs'. Ensure the equipment is to your specification, and ready to handle any tasks that you require.


Fibrelight Developments - Recovery Cradles & Ladders

Looking for a Specific MOB Cradle or Ladder For Your Vessel?

SOLAS III/17-1 requires all commercial vessels to have implict water rescue / retrieval procedures in place. Select the system needed for your vessel to meet these regulations and ensure effecient Man Overboard retrieval! If you're unsure on the right MOB equipment — please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We offer expert advice to help you decide on the right Man Overboard Cradle, Net, or Ladder for your ship or vessel. 

Fibrelight Cradles, Nets, and Ladders: