Fibrelight Mass Recovery (MCR) Cradle

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The Fibrelight MCR Cradle is a mass rescue device, designed for use by offshore industries' vessels, coastguards and tug boats.


Built using the same robust construction as the popular Fibrelight MOB Recovery Cradle with a width of 7 and required length to the specification of your vessel. Designed for use by offshore industries' vessels, coastguards and tug boats, to recover multiple casualties from the water at any one time. This Fibrelight MCR (Mass Casualty Recovery) Cradle is an MOB (Man Overboard) device designed for mass rescue. Purposed for use by vessels in the offshore industries, coastguards, and tug boats — this mass recovery device is able to recover mulitple casualties from the water simultaneously.




Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Enables mass recovery of mulitple MOB casualties from the water at once
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy stowage on-board a vessel
  • Manoeuvrable recovery cradle with adjutable ballets weights for better handling during recovery operation
  • Designed to be utilised by a range of vessels and boats (coastguard, tugboats)
  • Length of cradle is made to specification of your vessel
  • Requires no annual servicing for the man overboard equipment
  • Robost Fibrelight construction (same as MOB Recovery Cradle)

Technical Information:

  • 3 Year manufacturer's warranty 
  • Width: 7m
  • Length: To Spec / As Required
  • Weight: 350kgs

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Key Features:

  • Lightweight

  • Compact

  • Manoeuvrable

  • Adjustable ballast weights

  • No requirement for annual servicing

  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty

  • Width - 7m

  • Length - As required


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