Credit terms available to government Organisations, NHS, Schools & Blue light services

Man Overboard & Body Recovery

I.C. Brindle & Co Ltd offers you complete 'man overboard' (MOB) and body recovery solutions for all watercraft, from yachts to large commercial vessels. This range includes the SB Rescue Sling Matesaver MOB System to Jason's Cradles nets and Fibrelight MCR Cradles, Nets & Ladders and a full range of stretchers.

Browse the full range of forensic body recovery bags — used by dive teams and blue light services worldwide or enquire about our forensic bag manufacturing service. 

Our mate saving MOB range include telescopic  marine davits/cranes and davit winches. Specialist telescopic reach & rescue poles and man overboard water rescue manikins / dummies  — for training & preparing casualty recovery when the time comes!


Official Distributors of Jason's Cradle,  Fibrelight Recovery Cradles & Ferno UK Stretchers 

Worldwide distribution of the SB Rescue Sling Matesaver - MOB recovery system

Manufacturers of specialist forensic recovery bags for police force and other government organisations worldwide 

Full range of MOB davits /cranes for all vessel types 



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