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SB Rescue Sling & Accessories

The SB Rescue Sling Matesaver (MCA & SOLAS accepted) is a complete man overboard (MOB) recovery system that is designed for rescuing a casualty without the rescuer having to enter the water. The unit can be easily used from a boat, steep-sided canal / lake or anywhere a fast, effective distance recovery is needed.

The system incorporates an extendable telescopic handle that extends from 2.1m to over 5m when fully extended. This manoverboard pole is extremely light weight, portable and compact and is easily stored on a vessel or in a cabinet.


Un-extended length of only 2.1m.  

A fully extended length of 5.2m

One-person operation. Lightweight design. Weighs only 3 Kg!

 Compact size making shipping easier and more cost effective

No maintenance & spares available 


This MOB reach pole system can be used in conjunction with a Recovery Cradle,  Davit and/or Block & Tackle — with the system proving a very popular option amongst ship-builders, Tug Boat operators, Government Organisations and Fisherman across the globe as there chosen method of recovering a person from the water/ sea.

This recovery pole needs no maintenance and only requires a visual inspection which is recommended annually and after each use, this inspection can be carried out by any competent member of staff therefore incurring little to no additional costs. 

The SB Rescue sling has CE approval and has been accepted by the MCA and SOLAS authorities worldwide. The instructional booklet is available in English and Traditional Chinese on request. 


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