SB Rescue Sling - MCA & SOLAS Accepted

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SB Rescue Sling
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SB Rescue Sling
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The SB RESCUE SLING is a NATO approved complete man overboard recovery solution









The SB Rescue Sling is a complete man overboard system that is designed for recovering a casualty without the rescuer having to enter the water. The unit can be easily used from a boat or a steep-sided canal / lake or where there is a distance recovery. It can be operated by one person whilst weighing only 3 Kg.

The SB Rescue Sling can also be used in conjunction with a Davit 

The frame and the harness also feature the ASSpect label system which enables users to scan the labels from a compatible phone via the app to reveal inspection dates, date of first use, serial numbers and more.

Key Features / Benefits:

  • Quick and easy to use

  • The rescuer remains safely onboard the vessel, or ashore

  • After use, can be re-armed in less than 30 seconds

  • An unextended length of 2.1m and fully extended length of 5.2m

  • One-person operation

  • Lightweight

  • Needs no maintenance, and only routine inspections



  •   SB Rescue Frame - Anodised Aluminium - 1.2m

  •   SB Handle - Anodised Aluminium - 1m

  •   SB Telescopic Boat Hook/Handle - Anodised Aluminium - 1.7m/3m

  •   SB Rescue Line - 15m x 12mm Plaited Polyester

  •   SB Harness

  •   Weight 3Kg

  •   Approved for military use, and allocated NATO stock numbers

  •   Length - 2.1m / 5.1m


In January 2013, as part of our continuing programme of product appraisal, we tested-to-destruction two SB Rescue Slings selected at random from our stock. One of them broke at 980 Kg, and the other did not fail until 1,360 Kg !


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