Jason's Cradle - Man Overboard Cradle | SOLAS Approved Jasons Cradle Retrieval System

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SOLAS approved specialised MOB retrieval system. The Jason's Cradle is designed to retrieve / rescue people from the water horizontally, and at speed - even with high freeboard. 

Jason's Cradle

The Jason's Cradle is a martime rescue device & Cradle MOB system used globally in every military, commercial, rescue, and leisure area within the marine sector. Using the Jasons crade as your preferred recovery system -allows you to retrieve casualties who are unable to assist themselves due to injury, or high freeboard.

What Size Cradle Do I Need?

To determine the right sized cradle for you - typically allow 1m below the water line, and 1m above the freeboard. Allowing an additional length of 2m over the freeboard height - select this through our drop-down menu. 

How does the Jason's Cradle work?

  • The Standard Cradle is simply fixed to the deck or rail enables for rapid deployment within seconds
  • The Standard Cradle can be easily rolled up for
  • Deployment of the Cradle forms a non-collapsible scoop
  • The casualty is guided into the cradle head first
  • A Strop and/or Hauling lines are pulled to close the loop
  • A co-ordinated & methodical lift takes place.
  • Casualty is retrieved by rolling onto the deck in the medically preferred horizontal position

Key Features and Equipment Benefits:

  • SOLAS Approved
  • Complies with LSA code, Regulation I/1.2
  • The Standard unit is suitable for most vessels with up to 5m freeboard.
  • Offers 3 width options: The FRC Kit, The Scramble net, The Stretcher unit
  • Available in widths up to 1.05m / 1050mm
  • Reduces the possibility of “dry drowning” - known as Circum Rescue Collapse.
  • Recovering a horizontal casualty in the water to survival craft or ship


  • SOLAS approved by Lloyd’s Register
  • Suitable for 5m of freeboard
  • 3 width options: The FRC Kit, The Scramble Net, The Stretcher unit
  • Available in widths up to 1.05m
  • Polythene HDPE, LDPE caps
  • 16 stainless steel link components
  • Delrin 100T High Tensile Plastic Rungs
  • Breaking load: 3200k
  • 25” rope strop & 5m—16mm hauling lines
  • Supplied with snap shackles
  • Tensile tested in excess of 1 metric tonne



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