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SB Rescue Sling & SB Packages

The SB Rescue Sling Matesaver is a complete man overboard ( MOB ) recovery system. Designed for rescuing a casualty without you having to enter the water. The system incorporates a telescopic handle — allowing the unit to be compact for easy stowage on a vessel or in a cabinet.

Easy use during rescue & recovery from boats ,steep-sided canals / lake edges, or recoveries from distance! Enabling the rescuer to remain safely onboard the vessel even in the most arduous of conditions.

Assembled length of 2.1m.  

Fully extended length of 5.2m

One-person operation. Lightweight design. Weighs only 3 Kg.

Telescopic folding. Compact size. Easier shipping - lowers shipping rates!


The SB Rescue Sling can also be used in conjunction with a Davit or/and Block & Tackle. Part of the SB Rescue Slings range is a Forensic Body Recovery Package, with additional brace bar and Forensic Surface Recovery bag, made from fine mesh material — designed for retaining forensic matter, whilst draining water. 

Popular options for ship-builders across the globe and accepted by the MCA and SOLAS authorities worldwide!

The SB Rescue Sling proves time and time again in saving lives, with users across the globe choosing the MOB water recovery solution!


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