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The SB Forensic Recovery system is a complete solution to retrieving a body whilst retaining vital forensic evidence 



Developed with the assistance of Strathclyde Police, the SB Forensic Body Recovery System is a complete body retrieval unit that is designed for recovering a casualty without the rescuer having to enter the water. The unit can be easily used from a boat or a steep-sided canal / lake or where there is a distance recovery. The unit has an overall length of 5.2m when extended and can be operated by one person whilst weighing only 3 Kg.

The forensic bag allows water to pass through whilst its fine mesh structure retains vital forensic evidence, it also provides the added benefit of removing the recovered object from site quickly, reducing stress to onlookers and the rescurers themselves

The frame and the harness also feature the ASSpect label system which enables users to scan the labels from a compatible phone via the app to reveal inspection dates, date of first use, serial numbers and more.



Key Features / Benefits:

  • Removes casualty from view  of onlookers — preventing stressful situations, and keeping professionalism during the recovery operation.  
  • Quick and easy to use, without the operator touching the body
  • After use, can be re-armed in less than 30 seconds
  • Telescopic handle gives effective reach of up to 4.5 m
  • One-person operation
  • Lightweight design for easier handling of equipment 


Equipment Recommendation

The SB Rescue Sling Brace Bar is designed for use with the SB Water Forensic Recovery System. Giving you addtional bracing and strengthening the frame of the SB Rescue Sling — this allows the mouth of the bag to stay fully open for effective body recovery! 


The I.C. Brindle Forensic Body Recovery Bag Range  


Vertical Recovery Bag

The Vertical Recovery is manufactured from impervious polyurethane-coated nylon. Designed to facilitate the recovery of suspended fatalities in the water. It features a draw-string closure at the top of the bag, and six carrying points each side. The forensic recovery bag is reinforced by webbing located on the lower end of the bag.

Girth: 232cm Length: 214cm Weight: 1.8kg


Underwater Recovery Bag

This Sub-Surface Body Recovery Bag is desgined to be used by divers. Manufactured from a fine mesh nylon material with polyurethane-coated nylon section at the bottom. This forensic recovery bag also features a draw-string closure at the top, with six lifting points. The fine mesh retais vital forensic evidence / evidential material whilst letting water drain through the bag. The bag's size, alongside it's large 'mouth' capture particles in the area of water surrounding the casualty.

Girth: 232cm Length: 246cm Weight: 1.9kg


Surface Recovery Bag

The Surface Body Recovery Bag is manufactured from a fine mesh polyester and works in conjunction / fully compatible with our SB Rescue Sling Man Overboard System. The Forensic Recovery Bag has a draw string closure at the top, and lifting points on each side. As with the Sub-Surface Bag, the fine mesh retains vital forensic evidence / evidential material, whilst simultaneously allowing water to drain from the bag. The bag's size, alongside it's large 'mouth' capture particles in the area of water surrounding the suspended casualty.


Limb Recovery Bags

Forensic Limb Bag, which can be used individually, or in conjunction with the Vertical Recovery Bag, and Sub-Surface Recovery Bag. This forensic evidence retrieval bag is made from a fine mesh nylon wityh an adjustable Velcro fastening feature — sealing the bag tight, and retaining important forensic material. The sizing of the Limb Recovery Bags is purposely designed to enable safe forensic storage of arms, and legs.


Head, Hands & Feet Bags

Forensic Head, Hands and Feet Bags. Provided in packs of 5 — which can be used seperately or in combination with the Vertical and Sub-Surface Bags. These forensic recovery bags are manufactured from a fine mesh nylon. Each with an adjustable Velcro fastenining feature, that seals the bag tight and retains vital forensic evidence and material. 

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