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The SB Rescue Davit is a telescopic, manually operated davit that may be used in conjunction with the SB Rescue Sling man overboard system

SB Rescue Davit

Davit Advantages for Fast MOB Recovery

The SB Rescue Davit is a telescopic, manually operated davit that may be used in conjunction with the SB Rescue Sling man overboard system. The davit enables a fast, effective and efficient man overboard recovery and overcomes the problems of freeboard, rescuer fatigue, lack of crew numbers and the difficulties encountered in recovering a dead weight from the water.

Note - Although an estimate can be provided each davit is made specifically for the vessel and the following information is needed for an accurate quotation:



Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Custom-made for each vessel (and assembled from standardised components in order to minimise the cost)
  • Inner and outer tubes run on oil-lubricated nylon slides
  • Manufactured from aluminium
  • Painted white with Jotun Penguard Marine Paint
  • Compatible with electric & manual winches - available in the online store!

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  • The davit has an inner and an outer tube between which there are oil lubricated nylon slides.

  • At the maximum extent and stowed positions a spring-loaded lock secures the davit

  •  Movement of the davit inner tube is by manual operation only

  • The maximum reach relates to the davit length. The length of the inner tube is  approximately the same as the outer tube. The total length of the davit is governed  by  the required reach and the area available for installation

  •  If recovery is required on both sides of a vessel two davits are required

  • May be used in conjunction with an electric, hydraulic or manually operated  recovery winch

  • The davit is normally manufactured from aluminium and painted white with Jotun  Penguard Marine Paint



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