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SB Rescue Sling Harness

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SB Rescue Sling Harness is available to buy in increments of 1

A replacement harness to be used with the SB Rescue Sling man overboard recovery system 


Designed to be used with the SB Rescue Sling man overboard recovery system, each harness has a lifespan of 3 years and after this time should be replaced. The SB Rescue Sling Frame and the harness also feature the ASSpect label system which enables users to scan the labels from a compatible phone via the app to reveal inspection dates, date of first use, serial numbers and more.

SB Rescue Sling - Assembly (see Data Sheet for images)

  1. Place the end of the strop over the stud situated on the closed end of the frame, locate the slider on the harness so that it
    covers the metal vane underneath the stud
  2. Slide the 2 black plastic clips fitted on the harness to the end of each side of the frame (below the white collars)
  3. Make sure the webbing of the harness is not twisted and feed it into the black plastic rings found on each side of the frame just
    below the shoulder
  4. Slide the black harness clips forward until they are touching the white PVC discs fitted to the ends of the frame
  5. Attach the line to the harness using the carabiner provided
  6. Fit the handle and telescopic extension, ensuring that all locating lugs are fully engaged. To adjust the telescopic extension
    unscrew the black plastic collar, slide the inner pole to the required position and then re-tighten the collar

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Price £285.00
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Weight: 0.6Kg 


Spares :

  • SB Frame - 40020056

  • SB Harness - 40020057

  • SB Telescopic Handle - 40020060

  • SB 1m Handle Extension - 40020059

  • SB Brace Bar (for use with the water forensic system) 40020030B 

  • SB Line - 40020058


Accessories : 

  • SB Mounting Kit : 40020066A

  • SB Forensic Recovery Bag - 40020037

  • SB Photoluminescent Sign - 40020118

  • SB PVC Storage Bag- 40020111

  • SB Davit - 40020069

  • SB Grapple Hook End - 40020208

  • SB Boat Hook End - 40020209