Jason's Cradle Scramble Net | SOLAS Approved MOB Nets for high-sided vessels - Deck or Rail - Rapid Deployment - Easy Stowage

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SOLAS Type Approved Jason's Cradle Scramble Net. Supplied with snap shackles, rope strop and hauling lines. proven to aid in the safe and speedy recovery of personnel in the preferred horizontal position. Fix to the deck or rail - enabling rapid deployment in seconds! Easily rolled up for stowage. Non-collapsible scoop with 2 to 1 mechanical advantage during the lift.

Jason's Cradle - Scramble Net 

Why Should I Go With The Scramble Net?

The Jason's Cradle Scramble net is a globally used and proven method of safe and speedy recovery from water. Retrieving casualties in the preferred horizontal positon - ideal for quick medical attention one lifted on-board. The Scramble net can be fixed to a deck or rail, enabling deployment withing seconds - and can be easily rolled up for stowage. Functions the same way as the standard Jason’s Cradle to retrieve casualties horizontally but can also be climbed by able-bodied personnel / rescuers.

Key Features and Equipment Benefits:

  • SOLAS Certification 
  • Supplied with snap shackles, rope strop and hauling lines
  • Non-collapsible scoop - protecting casualty upon retrieval
  • Casualty is guided into unit - then rolled up onto deck in medically preferred horizontal position
  • 2 - 1 mechanical advantage during lift due to specialised design & rigid construction 
  • Easily accessible scramble net for foot and handholds - sturdy ladder-like construction, making climbing easy
  • Multiple units can be positioned - achieving larger rescue zones
  • Supplied in widths up to 2,100mm and is available in various lengths suitable for freeboards up to 5 metres
  • Facilitates mass disembarking for large numbers of passengers / crew during emergency events


  • Rungs: Delrin 100T High Tensile Plastic
  • Centre / End Caps: Polyethylene LDPE & HDPE
  • 316 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Link Components
  • Stainless Steel Fasterners Used Throughout
  • Fixing Clips Breaking Load 3200kg
  • Tensile Tested on excess of one metric tonne (2,205lbs)
  • Length Options: 1240mm/1410mm/1580mm/1780mm/1940mm/2100mm
  • Width Options: 2290mm/2860mm/3430mm/4000m/4570m/5140mm/5710mm/6290mm/6870mm


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