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Select from a range of Stowage Bags, Covers & Fixings for your Jason's Cradle Equipment. From 530mm - 1940mm bags, 710mm-1780mm covers, Hypalon "D-Ring" Patch Kits & 8mm "Diamond Eye" Plates. 5-7 days for delivery!

Please see our SIZE CHART for correct Stowage Bag Selection.

Jason's Cradle Bags & Accessories 


Why Do I Need Bags & Accessories for my Jason's Cradle?

The Jason's Cradle Range comes in various sizes (width & length) such as the FRC Kit, Scramble Net, and Retrieval Stretcher. With each Jason Cradle Variation requiring specific fixings and stowage. These accessories are important for keeping your equipment safe, in good condition, and correctly installed / maintained - such as the D-ring Patch Kits & 8mm Diamond Eye Plate for the FRC Kit!

Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • 4 x Hypalon "D-ring" Patch Kit (D-Ring Adhesive recommended for use with FRC Kit - BOSTIK 2402 ADHESIVE) for glueing to the inflatable tubes.
  • 4 x 8mm S/S Diamond Eye Plate (Pad Eyes to be fixed to vessel in accordance with manufacturer's guidance) to be screwed or bolted to the FRB.
  • Jason's Cradle Stowage Bag for easy stowage - 530mm/710mm/880mm/1050mm/1580mm/1940mm
  • Jason's Cradle Stowage Cover for easy stowage - 710mm/1240mm/1410mm/1780mm


  • 1MC-JCFRCD04 - Maximum Load Tested - 8450 N - 67mm D-Rings, 185mm Hypalon Patches, 285mm Diameter Cylinder, 6.5psi
  • 1MC-JCFRCP04 - Stainless Steel Break Load - 1400kg - 8mm Diamond Eye Plate
  • 1MC-JCFRCB03 - Stowage Bag - FRC003 - 530mm
  • 1MC-JCFRCB04 - Stowage Bag - FRC004 - 710mm
  • 1MC-JCSTRB09 - Stowage bag for Jason’s Cradle STR009 -1580mm
  • 1MC-JCSTR011 - Stowage bag for Jason’s Cradle STR011 -1940mm

Size Chart:

  • 1MC-JCSTDB04A-B Stowage bag for Jason’s Cradle 4A – 4B -710mm
    • For Cradles 710mm x 2290mm - 710mm x 2860mm
  • 1MC-JCSTDB05B Stowage bag for Jason’s Cradle 5A – 5B - 880mm
    • For Cradles 880mm x 2290mm - 880mm x 2860mm
  • 1MC-JCSTDB06B Stowage bag for Jason’s Cradle 6A – 6B - 1050mm
    • For Cradles 1050mm x 2290mm - 1050mm x 2860mm
  • 2MC-JCSTDC04C Stowage cover for Jason’s Cradle 4C – 4F - 710mm
    • For Cradles 710mm x 3420mm - 710mm x 5140mm
  • 2MC-JCSCN072401 Stowage cover for Jason’s Cradle 7C – 7E - 1240mm
    • For Cradles 1240mm x 3430mm - 1240mm x 4570mm
  • 2MC-JCSCN082401 Stowage cover for Jason’s Cradle 8C – 8E - 1410mm
    • For Cradles 1410mm x 3430mm - 1410mm x 4570mm
  • 2MC-JCSCN102401 Stowage cover for Jason’s Cradle 10C – 10E - 1780mm
    • For Cradles 1780mm x 3430mm - 1780mm x 4570mm







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