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Jason’s Cradle® offers a range of Man Overboard (MOB) retrieval systems, trusted globally by the maritime industry, including commercial and military vessels, offshore operators, rescue agencies, coastguards, passenger liners, superyachts, and RIB operators. The Standard MOB model is designed for horizontal water rescues on vessels with up to 5m freeboard. The Fast Rescue Craft Kit (FRC) includes a towage bag and fixing kit, suitable for RIB and Hard Hull FRB, with dynamic deployment options. The Recovery Stretcher, equipped with flotation tubes and strops, is perfect for high-sided vessels with cranes or davits. The Scramble Net, with snap shackles, rope strop, and hauling lines, ensures rapid deployment and mass disembarkation in emergencies. We also offer various Bags & Accessories for proper man overboard equipment maintenance, and I.C. Brindle provides servicing and repair for all Jason's Cradle® products, ensuring they remain the world's most trusted personnel retrieval systems!

Jason’s Cradle® Personnel Retrieval SystemJason’s Cradle® Personnel Retrieval System
Jason’s Cradle® Personnel Retrieval System
Jason's CradleJason's Cradle
Jason's Cradle

Designed for rescuing people from the water horizontally & quickly - suitable for most vessels with up to 5m freeboard.


Consists of a Jason's Cradle with towage bag & fixing kit. RIB & Hard Hull FRB fixing options available. Dynamic deployment - port & starboard side.

Recovery Stretcher Recovery Stretcher
Recovery Stretcher

Designed for high sided vessels equipped with a deck crane or davit. Rapid deployment from high freeboard. Equipped with adjustable Flotation Tubes & Strops.

Scramble NetScramble Net
Scramble Net

Supplied with snap shackles, rope strop and hauling lines. Fix to the deck or rail - enabling rapid deployment in seconds! Facilitates mass dismembarking during emergency events.

Bags & AccessoriesBags & Accessories
Bags & Accessories

Select from a range of Stowage Bags, Covers & Fixings for your Jason's Cradle equipment. Keep your equipment correctly maintained & installed. 

Servicing & RepairsServicing & Repairs
Servicing & Repairs

I.C. Brindle is an approved body for servicing Jason's Cradle equipment. Offering maintenance and repair services for your Personnel Retrieval Systems.

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Official Distributors of Jason's Cradle

I.C. Brindle & Co Ltd offers you complete 'man overboard' (MOB) and body recovery solutions for all watercraft, from yachts to large commercial vessels. This range the Jason's Cradles Man Overboard Range. Fully SOLAS approved - using the Jason's Cradle as your recovery system allows you to retrieve casualties who are unable to assist themselves due to injury, or high freeboard. 

A quick medically preferred, horizontal lift reduces chances of "Dry Drowning" (Circum Rescue Collapse). Fixing the cradle to a deck or rail enables rapid deployment. The unique design of this MOB system gives you dynamic customisation options - suited to your application requirments, like The FRC Kit, Retrieval Stretcher and Scramble net.

Favoured by many commerical and military vessels worldwide, the Jason's Cradle is an essential piece of equipment. Used globally by military organisations, rescue agencies, coastguards, passenger liners, superyachts and RIB operators. 

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SOLAS III/17-1 requires all commercial vessels to have implict water rescue / retrieval procedures in place. Select the system needed for your vessel to meet these regulations and ensure effecient Man Overboard retrieval! 


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