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Fibrelight Instinct Ladder - Heavy-Duty Ladder for Fire & Rescue Services - Heavyweight Webbed Ladder with GRP Rungs

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The Fibrelight Instinct ladder is heavy-duty, fire-retardant, and quickly deployable. Ideal for vertical access in rescue and  available in black for Tactical uses military ops.

Instinct Rescue Ladder - Robust Ladder for Fire & Rescue Services - Sturdy Webbed Ladder with Fiberglass Rungs

The Fibrelight Instinct ladder is a heavy-duty, fire-retardant, and quickly deployable ladder suitable for vertical access from vessels. Developed for Fire and Rescue services as the core focus. However, due to its strength and adaptability, this ladder equipment is perfect for military, coastguard, and police ops. Available in black for tactical uses.

Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Heavy-duty design suitable for Fire and Rescue services
  • Manufactured using a robust GRP rung and fire-retardant locking webbing
  • Perfect for vertical access from vessels and can be quickly deployed from a specially designed bag
  • Can be attached using a carabiner or hoisted with a hook and pole to attach to a building or vessel
  • Offers added safety and security with fire-retardant locking webbing
  • Available in black for Tactical uses
  • Portable and multi-use design
  • No requirement for annual servicing
  • 3 year warranty for added peace of mind
  • Provides versatility and flexibility in its usage
  • Saves time and money with no annual servicing required
  • Offers added assurance with a 3 year warranty
  • Can be easily stored and transported due to its compact size and lightweight design
  • Suitable for a range of applications with various length options
  • Minimises physical strain during handling due to its lightweight design
  • Can support a significant weight capacity for added safety and security.

Technical Information:

Compact size with a width of 400mm

Available in various lengths ranging from 2m to 20m

Lightweight at only 1.45kg per meter when stored in the bag

Safe working load of 600kgs


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Brands Fibrelight


  • Multi-use

  • Portable

  • No requirement for Annual servicing

  • 3 year warranty

  • Width: 400mm

  • Length: 2m-20m

  • Weight when stored in bag: 1.45kg per metre

  • Safe working load: 600kgs

  • Available in black for Tactical uses