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Fibrelight 'BOB+' Man Overboard Rescue Training Dummy - Unconscious Casualty Training MOB Manikin - Affordable MOB Manikins for Man Overboard Training

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Fibrelight BOB Dummies: perfect for practicing recovery of unconscious casualties with Fibrelight cradles. BOB is ideal for short, in-water training, while BOB+ is great for longer sessions or out-of-water intervals. Simply fill with water to use. BOB comes in red, BOB+ in yellow. Tested for durability in open water man overboard training.

Fibrelight 'BOB' Man Overboard Training Dummy - Affordable Unconscious Casualty MOB Manikin - Water Rescue Mannequin for MOB Training

The Fibrelight BOB Dummies are affordable training aids to assist users in practising the recovery of an unconscious casualty with a Fibrelight cradle. BOB and BOB+ have undergone extensive testing to ensure they withstand the rigours of open water man overboard training.

BOB is designed for short usage during in-water training sessions. In contrast, BOB+ is designed for longer training sessions or for sessions that involve time 'out of the water'. Both BOB and BOB+ are to be utilised by simply filling them up with water.

BOB is available in red, while BOB+ is available in yellow.

Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Realistic adjustable weight: Allows for tailored training sessions to simulate various scenarios, enhancing realism and effectiveness.
  • Compact storage: Folds flat when not in use, minimising storage space requirements onboard vessels or in training facilities.
  • Manoeuvrable: Lightweight and easy to handle, facilitating smooth deployment and recovery during training exercises.
  • Easy to use: Simple filling and emptying process via the head and neck openings, streamlining setup and cleanup procedures.
  • Cost-effective: Provides an inexpensive solution for man overboard training, offering valuable practice without breaking the budget.
  • Enhanced buoyancy: Air pocket and closed-celled foam construction ensure buoyancy, allowing the dummy to maintain a realistic 'head up' position in the water.
  • Recovery assistance: Fitted with straps across the body and legs to aid in recovery, facilitating the use of hooks or poles to bring the dummy alongside the vessel for drills with the Fibrelight Cradle.
  • Adjustable dimensions: Width of 66 cm and length of 174 cm, accommodating various training needs and scenarios.
  • Weight capacity: Supports weights ranging from 1 kg up to 30 kg, providing flexibility in training intensity and difficulty levels.

Technical Information: 

  • Width: 0.6m
  • Length: 1.74m
  • Weight: Up to 55 kg

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Price £249.95
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Fibrelight 'BOB+' Man Overboard Training Dummy:

  • Dimensions: 0.6m (Width) x 1.74m (Length)

  • Weight Capacity: Up to 55 kg

  • Weight when Stored: Less than 2kg


    • Realistic adjustable weight for varied training scenarios

    • Foldable design for space-saving storage

    • Lightweight construction for easy handling

    • Equipped with straps for efficient recovery maneuvers

    • Simple filling and emptying mechanism for user-friendly operation