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Body Hook - Reach Pole Accessory

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Aluminium Body Hook attachment for our Telescopic Reach Poles — enabling the MOB pole to retrieve conscious and unconscious casulaties from the water.


The Body Hook is designed for retrieving (both conscious and unconscious) casualties from the water. Attaching the Body Hook by sliding onto the gold collar of the rescue poles secures the body hook into place with the spring buttons. You can then extend the pole to desired length and scoop the Rescue Net over the casualty. This Man Overboard (MOB) body hook is attached to the telescopic pole as a reach pole accessory — giving the operator(s) increased usable reach pole length for distance recoveries of a casualty in the water. The large hook means the casualty is not required to be proactive in their own rescue, this is importat in cases where the casualty may be unable to move, is injured, or unconscious. 





Key Features & Equipment Benefits (Body Hook & Rescue Pole):

  • Telescopic Rescue System: Rescue Attachments Body Hook End
  • Made of aluminium — Highly suited for use in-water / marine enviroments, will not rust or weather.
  • Enables a more effective reach and recovery of a casualty in the water, when using the extendable rescue pole
  • Fast, accurate, simple and effective to use
  • Can be positioned more quickly and accurately than using a Throw-Bag, and is not hampered by wind or inaccurate throwing
  • Lightweight man overboard equipment pole, weighing less than 3kg:
  • Shorter lengths can be used by a single operator, whilst no more than 2 operators are required for the longer lengths
  • Poles are available in 5m, 9m, 13m & 17m extended lengths
  • Telescopic design makes stowage easy and compact
  • Purposed for distance recovery — allows operator to safely reach into water, enabling the MOB to stay afloat with the body hook
  • Incorporates an internal Fail-Safe Rope to prevent loss of the vital end section
  • Manufacturer's product lifetime guarantee (subject to terms and conditions)
  • Designed in conjunction with a leading UK Fire & Rescue Division, and used in over 25 countries worldwide
  • Requires minimal training
  • Marine-grade stainless steel to prevent rust!


Technical Information (Body Hook):

  • Material : Aluminium
  • Dimensions : 50cm x 42cm
  • Weight : 0.33Kg
  • Country Of Manufacture : United Kingdom

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