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Keep your rescue/training dummy clean and greatly increase its lifespan with these high-quality replacement overalls. Available in all sizes, these overalls are designed to withstand the demands of rigorous training sessions. Additionally, these overalls are easy to maintain as they are washable, allowing you to keep them fresh and ready for each training session. 

Replacement Coveralls for Fire House Manikins - Hot Fire Cell Training Dummy Apparel Replacements - Spare Mannequin Jumpsuit Attire

Ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of your training manikin requires a strategic investment in replacement overalls. These overalls play a pivotal role in maintaining hygiene standards, preventing damage, and mitigating wear and tear. By prioritizing the care and maintenance of your training equipment, you not only enhance the overall lifespan of the manikin but also providing a reliable and optimal training experience for your team. Make the most of your training manikin investment by investing in replacement overalls to ensure its long-term value and helping to increase the life-span of your dummy for up to twice as long!

Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Hygiene and cleanliness: Regular use of the training manikin can lead to dirt, sweat, and other contaminants accumulating on the overalls. By investing in replacement overalls, you ensure that you can maintain a clean and sanitary training environment. This is particularly important in fields such as healthcare or first aid training, where maintaining hygiene standards is crucial.
  • Damage prevention: During training exercises, the manikin's overalls can be subjected to various stressors such as stretching, pulling, or exposure to potentially abrasive materials. Over time, these factors can lead to wear and tear, compromising the integrity of the overalls and the overall appearance of the manikin. By using replacement overalls, you can protect the original overalls from excessive damage and extend the lifespan of the training manikin.
  • Wear and Tear: Training sessions often involve repetitive movements and exercises that can put significant strain on the manikin's clothing. Overalls, being the primary garment, bear the brunt of this wear and tear. By regularly replacing the overalls, you ensure that the manikin remains functional and presentable, maintaining its realistic appearance for trainees.
  • Increased Lifespan: By investing in replacement overalls, you effectively increase the lifespan of your training manikin. Regularly replacing worn-out or damaged overalls helps maintain the structural integrity of the manikin, preventing any potential long-term damage that could render it unusable. Ultimately, this investment allows you to maximize the utility and longevity of your training equipment.

Technical Information:

  • Available in all sizes: Baby, Toddler, Youth, Adult
  • Hardwearing and washable.

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  • Size Options: Available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate various training dummy models and user preferences.

  • Reinforced Design: The overalls are reinforced with high-density polypropylene webbing in identified high-stress areas, providing extra strength and resistance against wear and tear.

  • Easy Maintenance: Washable fabric allows for convenient and effortless cleaning, ensuring hygiene and freshness for every training session.

  • Compatibility: Designed specifically for use with our rescue/training dummies, ensuring a precise and secure fit.

  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for a wide range of training scenarios, including emergency response, first aid, firefighting, and rescue simulations.

  • Comfortable Fit: The overalls are designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic fit, allowing ease of movement for realistic training exercises.

  • Professional Appearance: The sleek and professional design of the overalls enhances the realism of the training experience, creating an immersive environment for trainees.

  • Longevity: By protecting the dummy from dirt, damage, and excessive wear, these replacement overalls significantly increase the lifespan of the rescue/training dummy, maximising your investment.

  • Quality Assurance: Manufactured to the highest standards, our replacement overalls undergo rigorous quality control processes to ensure reliability, performance, and customer satisfaction.


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