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Crewsaver Crewfit 150N HF Automatic Harness Lifejacket - Red Crewfit 150 Newton High Fit - Lightweight workvest - 9224RA

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Designed for continuous wear, the High Fit life jacket ensures a snug fit, even during extended usage. The EXOLOK system enhances the life jacket gas cylinder's security, providing you with peace of mind.

Crewsaver Crewfit 150N HF Automatic Harness Lifejacket - Red 150 Newton High Fit - Lightweight Workvest 

The Crewsaver Crewfit 150N HF lifejacket, designed for durability and wearer comfort in the marine industry. With a sturdy 500D front panel, ergonomic Fusion 3D shape, and twin waist adjusters, it offers easy donning, unrestricted movement, and lasting comfort.

Featuring a soft loop harness point, crotch strap, and external indicator window, this compact workvest ensures practicality. The 150N bladder exceeds approval standards, providing 180N buoyancy. Its high-visibility bladder includes built-in chin support, a location beacon attachment point, and a lifting becket for enhanced safety.

Key Features & Equipment Benefits: 

  • Heavy-duty 500D Outer Cover: Ideal for busy commercial working environments, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • EXOLOK System: Provides a clear indication if the cylinder moves, becomes unscrewed, or is tampered with, enhancing safety and security.
  • Compact Fusion 3D Design: Offers a comfortable fit with a high profile, providing ease of movement during use.
  • Intuitive Twin Waist Adjusters: Ensure a correct fit, enhancing comfort and customization according to individual preferences.
  • Supplied with a Single Crotch Strap and Soft Loop Harness Point: Adds stability and security, preventing the lifejacket from riding up during use.
  • Lifting Becket: Aids in recovery, providing assistance in emergency situations.
  • Indicator Window: Allows easy status checks of the lifejacket, ensuring readiness and peace of mind.
  • Unique Buoyancy Distribution: Facilitates quick turning when in the water, optimising safety and manouverability.

Technical Information:

  • Newtons: 150N
  • Actual Buoyancy: 180N
  • Type: Lifejacket
  • Flotation: Inflatable
  • Chambers: Single
  • Cover: Heavy-Duty
  • Approvals & Certifications: 
    • Approved to ISO 12402-3

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Brands Crewsaver
Lifejacket Buoyancy 150 Newtons


  • Brand: Crewsaver

  • Newtons: 150N

  • Actual Buoyancy: 180N

  • Type: Lifejacket

  • Flotation: Inflatable

  • Chambers: Single

  • Cover: Heavy-Duty

Safety Features:

  • Chin support helping to keep airways clear

  • Oral Inflation Tubes

  • Whistle

  • Reflective Tape

  • 150N Chamber offers 180N buoyancy

  • Lifting Becket

  • Short profile 33g CO2 cylinder

  • AIS attachment point

  • EXOLOX which holds the gas cylinder securely

    in position

Approval & Certifications:

    • Crewfit 150N HF inflatable lifejacket is approved to ISO 12402-3