Lifebuoys, Sets & Accessories

What is a Lifebuoy ? - A lifebuoy, ring buoy, lifering, lifesaver, life preserver or lifebelt, also known as a "Kisby Ring" or "Perry Buoy", is a life saving buoy designed to be thrown to a person in the water, to provide buoyancy, to prevent drowning.

Our lifebuoy equipment is of high quality with our 2.5Kg & 4Kg 30 inch orange lifebuoys being SOLAS & MED compliant / approved making our range of lifering sets and accessories ideal to fulfil insurance and surveyor requirements.

The full range of buoys on our website include orange lifebuoys, white life rings, Red & White Liferings and personalised / customised life buoys all available in either 30" ( 75cm ) or 24" ( 57cm ).

We have also combined our lifebuoys into ready to buy sets, these sets include lifebuoy Housing Cabinets, Galvanised Poles, GRP Poles or Clamps for Railings and Buoyant Throwing Lines. Each set is also broken down into two ranges, the 'Premium Range' or a discounted 'Budget Range' !

Our liferings and sets are sold worldwide to Councils, Government Agencies, the Construction Industry, the Maritime Industry, Sports Clubs, Campsites , Bed & Breakfast owners, Hotels, amongst MANY others!

About Our Lifebuoy Products

Our specialist, professional equipment is used in diverse industries around the world. Our customers include:

  • Government & Aid Agencies
  • Civil Defence Organisations
  • Emergency Services
  • Naval & Military Establishments
  • Aircraft Manufacturers
  • Shipbuilding
  • Ship Operators
  • Construction
  • Marine & Offshore Training Establishments
  • Schools
  • Sports Clubs
  • Power Stations
  • Sewerage Plants
  • among many others...

We pride ourselves on offering our customers cost effective, practical solutions that work.

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