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PipeRepair Anti-Leak Tape - Pipework Repairing Tapes - Marine Safey Tape for Fixing Leakages on Board Vessels

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PipeRepair Anti-Leak Tape - Pipework Repairing Tapes - Marine Safey Tape for Fixing Leakages on Board Vessels is available to buy in increments of 1

Pipe Repair Tape is a uniquely formulated solution featuring resin-coated glass fiber cloth, capable of setting even underwater. This fiberglass cloth tape comes intergrated with a water-activated resin, ensuring hassle-free application. With an average setting time of around 20 minutes, effectiveness varies based on temperature conditions.

PipeRepair Anti-Leak Tape - Marine Safety Tapes for Pipework Repairs - Pipe Repairing Solution

Pipe Repair Tape is an innovatively crafted solution incorporating resin-coated glass fibre fabric that can solidify even in submerged conditions. This specialised fiberglass cloth tape arrives pre-infused with a water-activated resin, ensuring convenient application. The curing process typically takes about 20 minutes, subject to temperature variations. This rapid-setting process seals the leak effectively, providing a reliable temporary fix until a more permanent solution can be implemented. 

Key features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Advanced Pipe Repair Solution: Specially developed resin-coated glass fiber cloth for durable and effective pipe repairs.
  • Underwater Setting Capability: Remarkable ability to set underwater, expanding application possibilities.
  • Effortless Application: Fiberglass cloth tape pre-infused with water-activated resin for easy use.
  • Quick Setting: Rapid setting within approximately 20 minutes (based on water temperature).
  • Universal Activator: Utilizes ordinary salt or fresh water as an activator.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for challenging and wet scenarios, excelling in strength and underwater setting.
  • Multi-Purpose: Suitable for corrosion prevention, reinforcement, and electrical protection (up to 16,000 volts).
  • Comprehensive Package: Each pack includes a Pipe Repair pouch, FastSteel putty, protective gloves, and an instruction manual.
  • WRAS Approval: T-ISS Pipe Repair Tape is WRAS approved, ensuring its safety for use with drinking water.
  • Compliance: Meets standards of Water Regulations Approval Scheme for plumbing products and materials.

Technical Information:

  • Maximum pressure: 10 bar
  • Maximum temperature: 200 °C
  • Pipe Repair pouch
  •  Pipe Repair FastSteel putty
  • One pair of protective glove
  • Instruction manual


  • Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS)


Article Number Description Dimensions Weight Packaging IMPA
PRT002 Pipe Repair Tape 2” 50 mm x 1,5 m 0.1 kg 40 pcs 812364
PRT003 Pipe Repair Tape 3” 75 mm x 2,7 m 0.2 kg 40 pcs 812365
PRT004 Pipe Repair Tape 4” 100 mm x 3,05 m 0.4 kg 40 pcs 812363

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  • Advanced Repair: Engineered glass fiber cloth with resin for lasting pipe repairs.

  • Underwater Setting: Can set underwater, broadening usage.

  • Effortless Use: Pre-impregnated tape for easy application.

  • Rapid Set: Sets in about 20 minutes (based on water temp).

  • Universal Activator: Reacts with salt/fresh water.

  • Versatile: Strength in wet scenarios, corrosion prevention, reinforcement, electrical protection (up to 16,000V).

  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes Repair pouch, FastSteel putty, gloves, manual.

  • WRAS Approved: Safe for drinking water.

  • Compliance: Meets Water Regulations Approval Scheme.

  • Technical Information:

    • Max Pressure: 10 bar

    • Max Temp: 200 °C

Article Number:

  • PRT002

  • PRT003

  • PRT002