Helicopter Hoist Harness

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A helicopter hoist harness developed closely with the Danish Air Force



This unique light weight sit-in rescue harness was originally developed in close coordination with the Danish Air Force. Various versions are available to meet the needs of SAR Squadrons worldwide.

The helicopter rescue harness allows the operator to move there legs freely in order to support the casualty during the lift to the helicopter.


Key features :

  • Alpine style fully padded open leg straps

  • Unique elastic suspension to allow walking and swimming

  • D-rings for auxiliary equipment

  • Strap for radio attachment

  • OPTIONAL - Waterproof pocket

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  • Comfort padding made by utilizing a 3D-spacer material. Super light weight, only 6mm thick and with the same protection as the old, dual layer, traditional 15mm cell foam. The padding is slightly drop shaped and extends below the harness, to protect the lower part of the spine and coccyx.

  • The padding on leg straps has a curved and slotted inner profile. As the padding is moveable, even under suspension, it is very easy to distribute the pressure at the back of the thighs. This is not for comfort only, it also reduce the risk of suspension trauma.

  • Moveable lanyard attachment: Unhook the Velcro, move the attachment point to your favourite position and "snap" the waist belt back on. The attachment point accepts Lite Flite click-lock lanyards, karabiners as well as our new Personal Quick Release.

  • The side adjusters are moved a little bit forward, compared to the Classic 1453-series harnesses. This reduces the risk of having your ribs hurt in a fall.

  • Accessory D-rings are designed to break away if the force exceed some 40-60 kg. This means that you can carry a guide line or a pair of swim fins, but if anything gets stuck, it will not cause you (and the helicopter) to be accidently firmly tied to i.e. a ship wreckage.



  • UV resistant, high density Polyester webbing, MBS > 45 kN

  • Hardware made of corrosion treated stainless steel and sea water resistant, anodized 6082 aluminium

Life Cycle:

  • Recommended life time: 5 years from initial use

  • Annual maintenance: Inspection and certification

  • Daily maintenance: Flush with cold tap water