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SOLAS Proteus Immersion Suit - MED & SOLAS Approved & Certified to LSA Code & IMO MSC 81

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Insulated SOLAS immersion suit, to be worn in conjunction with a certified MED - SOLAS approved lifejacket. Certified with accordance to MED 2014/90 / EC, SOLAS 77, L.S.A Code & IMO 81 (70) as amended. Protects against hypothermia and risk of 'cold shock' when immersed in water.



SOLAS Approved "Proteus" Insulated Immersion Suit

The Proteus SOLAS Approved Immersion suit is ergonomically designed for a range of commerical applications. Whilst simultaneously offering you protection from immersion hypothermia during cold water immersion. This insulated immersion suit is approved according to SOLAS LSA CODE MSC 81/70. Featuring SOLAS approved Neoprene gloves and a water-tight hood, with the seams of the immersion suit being glued and blind-stitched — ensuring that you are protected against the water. 

Proteus SOLAS Immersion Suit Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • SOLAS Approved Insulated Neoprene Immersion suit used for general commercial use
  • Approved in accordance to the latest SOLAS regulations
  • Exceeding the latest SOLAS specs for hypothermia protection
  • Protects against hypothermia and reduces risk of 'cold shock' when immersed in water — increasing your chances of survival
  • Made from reinforced neoprene with hidden and glued, blind-stitched seams for complete waterproof protection
  • Equipped with a face seal / flap, waterproof zipper, watertight hood, whistle, reflective tapes, neoprene pocket, fingered neoprene gloves, and SOLAS retro-reflective tape 
  • Suited for all commerical vessels
  • Can be donned easily and does not obstruct the freedom of movement
  • Intended for use with certified SOLAS-MED approved lifejacket
  • Range of sizes: Child, Adult Universal, Adult XLarge


  • SOLAS 74, LSA CODE, IMO MSC 81/70, MED 2014/90, 

Maritime PPE Standards: SOLAS Immersion & Anti-Exposure Suits

"These Immersion and Anti-Exposure Suits should provide the highest level of safety and performance. They incorporate inherent buoyancy which gives the wearer flotation and thermal protection in order to provide the optimum chance of survival and rescue before any negative effects of cold water immersion set in and to protect against the risks of drowning. In accordance with the SOLAS requirements, according to the LSA Code, Chapter II, 2.3:

Where required as Immersion suits, they are designed to cover the whole body (including boots to cover the feet), with the exception of the face and with separate gloves that are permanently attached to the suit.

Where required as Anti-Exposure suits only, they can be designed and supplied without the boots fitted (as permitted by the Administration) and equipped with a pocket for a portable VHF radio / telephone.

An un-insulated immersion suit or anti-exposure suit is intended to provide the wearer with up to 1 hour protection in a water temperature range of > 5°C.

An insulated immersion suit is intended to provide the wearer with up to 6 hours protection in a water temperature range of > 0°C.

These suits are designed to be worn in conjunction with a compatible SOLAS / MED approved lifejacket."

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  • Face seal & flap

  • water-proof zipper

  • glued and blind-stitched seems 

  • Intended for use with certified SOLAS-MED approved lifejacket

  • SOLAS approved insulated Neoprene material

  • SOLAS approved retro reflective tape

  • Size Range: Child / Adult Universal / Adult X -Large

  • Suited for commerical application 

  • Certified: MED 2014/90 / EC, SOLAS 77, L. S. A. Code & IMO 81 (70) as amended.