ICB Fast Paths - Inflatable Rescue Walkway , Emergency Air Path

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The ICB Fast Path is a fast inflation rescue path that enables the rescuer to reach and recover a casualty over water, mud or ice 


I.C. Brindle & Co Ltd have been supplying and manufacturing high quality specialist inflatable Rescue & Recovery safety equipment for over 25 years with many Emergency Services, Government, Military, Medical, Humanitarian Organizations and Search & Rescue Teams using products in our range due to exceptional quality, durability and price though out the range. 

As manufacturers we have no additional 3rd party costs involved making our inflatable range one of the most cost effective on the market with no compromise on quality!

Durable Rescue Path with Multi-Terrain Utiliity

The ICB Fast Path is an extremely robust rescue walkway that enables access to a casualty that cannot be reached due to the terrain, the path can be placed over water, mud or ice and gives a firm stable platform to allow the rescue to be performed, our paths are available in 2m, 5m & 10m joinable lengths as standard but custom sizes are available!

Triple Chamber Design for Damage Control

Our path is based on a 3 chamber catamaran design with each chamber having the feature of an isolation valve, this allows quick isolation of a damaged section in an emergency situation, the path is also provided with a easy to use repair kit.

Our walkways are 1.3m wide and available in 2m, 5m and 10m lengths , these lengths are also connectable. Each unit can be inflated be either using an electric pump or a standard BA cylinder for rapid deployment.

Key Features & Equipment Benefits

  • Manufactured from a tough, durable PVC that is made to withstand the elements

  • Non slip, wipe clean surface to the top of the walkway

  • 3 x  Over pressure valves so the correct pressure is maintained and the path and sponsons are not overfilled. 

  • Each sponsons can also be inflated separately or not at all by isolating each side using the transfer valves 

  • Safety life lines running the full length of each side and D rings at both ends to allow for attachments 

  • 3 Chamber catamaran design with each chamber having an isolation valve 

  • Repair kit provided 


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    • The I.C. Brindle 'Fast Path' walkway is designed to allow users to traverse over tough terrain such as water, mud, or ice with ease

    • It is manufactured from tough PVC material that can withstand heavy usage.

    • The walkway comes in a range of lengths, including 2m, 5m, and 10m joinable lengths as standard, with custom sizes available upon request.

    • Its 3 chamber catamaran design includes isolation valves for added stability and safety.

    • The walkway features an easy-to-use repair kit, ensuring it can be quickly fixed in case of any damage.

    • Its non-slip and wipe clean surface provides added safety for users.

    • The walkway includes an Over Pressure System consisting of 3 x Over Pressure valves, which help maintain correct pressure for optimal performance.

    • The sponsons can be individually inflated for added safety and stability.

    • The walkway is equipped with safety lines that run the full length of the walkway, ensuring maximum safety for users.

    • D-Rings at both ends of the walkway allow for attachment options, making it easy to set up and use in different locations.


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