RTB1 - Rescue Boat

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A very high quality inflatable rescue boat designed for use by Rescue & Emergency Services 

RTB 1 - Rescue Boat

The RTB 1 rescue boat is designed primarily for Rescue and Emergency Services. The boat has a robust design with tubes constructed from a UV resistant Hypalon/Neoprene.

Speedily deployed, these 3 metre paddleboats are easy to handle and have an excellent payload capacity of up to 700 kg. Equipped with four separate air chambers and all round external and internal grablines, safety is at the forefront of design. 

The packed size of just 105 x 50 x 38 cm and weight of only 37 kg allow for easy stowage when space is tight.

In service all over Europe, they have proved time and again they can meet the varied and demanding tasks faced by Rescue Services in the harshest environments.

Standard specifications are as listed, but if you have any extra requirements please contact us with your enquiry.


  • Available in four models:

RTB 1: standard model, inflated from an electric inflator (not supplied) or foot bellows

RTB 1 (MOT): fitted with a transom for mounting a standard shaft outboard engine (max 10hp)

RTB 1 (SEB): fast inflation option (inflatable from a standard breathing-air cylinder)

RTB 1 (SEB/MOT): fast inflation option with fitted transom

  • Fabric: Polyester with a Hypalon/Neoprene coating

  • Buoyancy tubes: 4 tubes each 40cm diameter

  • Payload: up to 700 kg with buoyancy tubes 50% submerged

  • Standard fittings/equipment include floorboards, grabline/carryline anchorages, hoisting points, towing point, rowlocks, internal lifelines, foot bellows, paddles and stowage valise

  • Length: overall 3.00m   internal 2.30m

  • Breadth: overall 1.20m   internal 0.40m

  • Packed size: approx 105 x 50 x 38 cm

  • Weight 37 kg (including the integral floorboards)

  • Built to DIN 14961

  • Manufactured in Germany by DSB, one of the most experienced manufacturers in the world for life-saving equipment for civil and military use.