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Survival Manuals
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Survival Craft Manual available in English 

Life-Raft Survival Manual available in English/Spanish & English/Greek

Life-Boat Survival Manual available in English, Spanish & English/German


Survival Craft Manual 

Our water resistant Survival Craft Manual combines the information required for use in both Life-Boats and Life-Rafts. It complies with the requirement to carry such a manual as set out in:

  • LSA Code (2010) paragraphs and

  • ISO 9650-1:2005 


Contents comply with:

  • IMO Resolution A.657 (16)

  • Annex 1: Liferaft Survival Instructions: Parts A and B

  • Annex 2: Contents for the Lifeboat Survival Manual

  • Meets the requirements of IMO Res. A657 (16), the LSA Code (2010) and ISO 9650-1:2005

  • Presented as an A5 booklet in English

  • Uses water-resistant materials

  • Enables consistency throughout a fleet, and enhances the professional image of the owners and operators


Life Raft Survival Manual 



Life Boat Survival Manual 

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Survival Craft Manual

Contents include instructions on:

  • Immediate Actions

  • Protection / Location / Water & Food

  • Pyrotechnics and Heliographs

  • Signals and Mayday Messages

  • EPIRBs, SARTs and Radios

  • Sea Anchors

  • Survival Craft Maintenance

  • First Aid / Medical Conditions

  • Preparing for heavy weather

  • Being taken in tow

  • Rescue by helicopter or surface craft

  • Beaching

  • Liferaft / Lifeboat Equipment

ISBN: 978-1-905195-28-2


Life Raft Survival Manual 



Life Boat Survival Manual