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Torpedo Buoy - Lifeguard Buoyancy Aid - UK

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High-quality polyurethane foam-filled rescue buoy. Specifically designed to support full weight of both victim and rescuer. Whilst simultaneously acting as an identifier due to high visibility.   

Torpedo Buoy - Lifeguard Buoyancy Aid


A high quality, foam-filled rescue buoy. Currently favoured and used by coastguards, lifeguards and many other lifesaving organisations worldwide. Specifically chosen due to its high visibility during rescues. 

Ease-of-use when swimming due to portable size and streamline design.

Each Torpedo Buoy includes a rescue line and wrist-strap, allowing victims to be pulled back to safety by the rescuer. 



Length: 68cm

Width: 24cm

Depth: 13cm 

Polyurethane foam-filled

High visibility design

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Price £25.98


Lenght - 68cm 

Width - 24cm 

Depth - 13cm