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300N SOLAS MED Adult Auto/Harness Inflatable Twin chamber Lifejacket - Wipe Clean. Designed according to SOLAS / MED lifejacket requirments. Automatic and manual inflation system options. Ideal for all weather conditions, and when wearing heavy, protective water-proof clothes. Featuring an easy-to-clean, 'Wipe Clean' material cover. Designed to meet  SOLAS and Marine Equipment Directive life saving appliance requirements for inflatable lifejackets, and lifejacket performance requirements - CE EN 300 Newton lifejackets.

SOLAS approved 300N twin chamber lifejacket. The Besto 300 Newton inflatable twin chamber lifejacket is an automatically operated lifejacket designed in accordance with the latest SOLAS/MED requirements, and ensuring the optimal level of safety. Purposed for open sea, alongside extreme weather conditions and compatible with heavy, foul-weather clothing.  Featuring a specialised 'Wipe Clean' material cover — making the life jacket ideal for use as a working jacket / general use life-vest.

' Wipe Clean' Besto Twin Chamber SOLAS Lifejacket Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Designed in accordance with the SOLAS/MED requirements
  • Tailored design for a comfort and secure fit around the wearer
  • Wipe Clean cover material making the lifejacket easier to clean after wear / use
  • Durable zipper, ideal for general lifejacket usage. 
  • 300 Newton twin-chamber lifevest for optimal safety 
  • Fleece collar for addtional comfort around neck and shoulders
  • Adjustable double crotch strap, so that the lifejacket to sit better on the torso — enchancing safety performance
  • Intergrated safety harness for added security for the life-jacket wearer
  • Standard system: Halkey Roberts V90000, or United Moulders MK5
  • Compatible with heavy protective waterproof clothes, suitable for industrial applications 

Lifejacket Technical Data:

  • Buoyancy: 300N
  • Size: Universal 43+ kg
  • 2x 60 g CO2 cylinders
  • SOLAS safety light

Approved by International Standards / Certifications:

  • ISO 12402-3: 275N 
  • Maritime PPE Standards: 
  • EN 399 / EN ISO 12402-2: 275N Lifejackets - "Have buoyancy of no less than 275 Newton for the average adult. This level of lifejacket is intended primarily for offshore use under extreme conditions. It is also of value to those who are wearing clothing which traps air or loads such as tool belts which may adversely affect the self-righting capacity of the lifejacket."
  • SOLAS / MED - "The International Maritime Organisation governs the Convention of Safety Of Life at Sea - SOLAS. This Convention requires that SOLAS requirements are met for all life-saving equipment carried and used on board all ships on international voyages including passenger ships and cargo ships of 500 gross tonnes or more. This includes lifejackets, abandonment suits and immersion suits. Recognition that the equipment fully complies with the requirements of the MED - Marine Equipment Directive - will be denoted by a ‘Ships Steering Wheel’ mark which must be on all equipment sold to European Community Ships of 500 tons or more in size".
  • SOLAS Lifejackets - "All lifejackets must be of double chamber design with 2 automatic inflation systems as well as be fitted with a SOLAS approved light and buddy line for optimum safety."



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Price £225.57
Brands BESTO
Lifejacket Buoyancy 300 Newtons


Key Features

  • Wipe Clean material 

  • Standard Cordura 420 cover

  • Zipper

  • Twin Chamber

  • Fleece collar

  • Solas safety light

  • Double crotch strap harness

  • CO2: 60g cylinder

  • Approval - SOLAS & MED


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