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Seacrewsader Crewsaver 275N 3D Wipe Clean Lifejacket - SOLAS Approved Lifejackets with Wipe Clean Cover

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Crewsaver 275N 3D Wipe Clean - Automatic with Hood - 1146-WCAUTO

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Crewsaver 275N 3D Wipe Clean - Automatic with Harness - 1146-WCAUTOH

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Crewsaver 275N 3D Wipe Clean AU9/10 - 1146-WCAUTOAU9/10

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Crewsaver 275N 3D Wipe Clean AU9/10 with Harness - 1146-WCAUTOHAU9/10

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For those in need of a dependable and comfortable lifejacket, the Seacrewsader 275N 3D presents an easy-to-clean solution. Tailored to protect workers on offshore platforms and vessels under SOLAS regulations, it stands as the right choice, offering both reliability and comfort.

SOLAS-Approved Seacrewsader 275N 3D Wipe Clean Lifejacket with Durable Easy to Clean Cover for Industrial Applications

The wipe-clean 275n lifejacket offers a resilient and easily maintainable solution for industrial settings. Engineered for durability and suitable for emergency situations, the Seacrewsader 275N 3D lifejacket is the preferred choice for offshore platform and vessel workers adhering to SOLAS regulations.

Crafted with both comfort and performance in mind, this ergonomically molded lifejacket ensures unhindered freedom of movement during work. In emergency scenarios, wearers experience rapid and reliable inflation of the sculpted bladder, even when donning heavy work gear. The unique buoyancy distribution guarantees exceptional turning properties, efficiently rotating the wearer to a face-up position in the water. This design not only safeguards the airway by increasing mouth freeboard but also enhances body angle and face plane for optimal safety.

Ideal for those in the industrial sector seeking a commercial wipe-clean 275N lifejacket, Crewsaver's Seacrewsader delivers on durability, comfort, and emergency preparedness.

Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Durable Wipe-Clean Cover: ensures longevity and easy maintenance.

  • EXOLOK to Prevent the Gas Cylinder from Becoming Loose: secures the gas cylinder, ensuring safe and reliable performance.

  • Foam-Padded Cover for Added Impact Protection: provides an additional layer of protection in challenging environments.

  • Modular Cover System Allowing You to Change the Cover to Suit Your Needs: customisable options for adaptability and personalisation.

  • Fusion 3D Designed Lifejacket Sits Off Your Neck, Ensuring You Are Unhindered to Work: unrestricted neck movement for optimal comfort and flexibility during work.

  • Unique Bladder Distribution for Enhanced In-Water Performance: improves buoyancy and facilitates efficient rotation for increased safety.

  • Fitted with an Array of Features, Including a Buddy Line and Beacon Status Indicator: well-equipped with essential safety features for comprehensive protection.

  • 2 x Inspection Zips for Inflation Mechanism and Beacon Status: convenient access for inspection, ensuring readiness and maintenance.

Technical Information:

  • Newtons: 275N
  • Actual Buoyancy: 290N
  • Product Type: Lifejacket
  • Flotation: Inflatable
  • Chambers: Twin
  • Cover: Wipe Clean
  • Model Number: 01218
  • Approval & Certifications:
    • SOLAS
    • IMO Resolution Twin Chamber 275N MSC 200 (80) SOLAS approved
    • EN ISO 12402-2:2006+A1:2010

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Brands Crewsaver
Lifejacket Buoyancy 275 Newtons


  • Brand: Crewsaver

  • Buoyancy: 290N

  • Type: Lifejacket

  • Flotation: Inflation

  • Chambers: Twin

  • Cover: Wipe Clean

  • Approval: SOLAS

  • Model Number: 01218

Safety Features:

  • Spray Hood

  • Oral Inflation Tubes

  • Whistle

  • Reflective Tape

  • Dual Crotch Straps

  • Crewsaver Surface Light

  • Inflatable Chin Support

  • Unique Bladder Buoyancy Distribution

  • Slimline Profile

  • Built-in PLB and AIS Attachment Points

  • EXOLOK Gas Cylinder Security

  • Buddy Line

  • Pro-Sensor Elite Inflation Mechanism

Approval & Certifications:

    • SOLAS

    • IMO Resolution Twin Chamber 275N MSC 200 (80) SOLAS approved

    • EN ISO 12402-2:2006+A1:2010