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Escape Route Safety Signs

Browse extensive range of escape route signs, fully compliant with IMO and ISO regulations. Our environmentally friendly, back-printed photoluminescent PETX signage products are expertly designed to effectively illuminate escape routes. Whether you need to guide people to safety on board a ship, offshore location, or building, our fire retardant and halogen-free escape route sign systems offer the highest standard for safety signage. 

This comprehensive system includes low location lighting, eye-level escape route signs, electrical (exit) signs, safety instructions, and clear indicators leading to assembly or embarkation stations. Our premium escape route signage ensures optimal safety and visibility during critical situations, making it an indispensable choice for your premises or vessel.

Prioritise the safety of everyone on board and safeguard your surroundings with our high-quality escape route sign products. With our top-notch solutions, you can trust that your escape routes are well-lit and compliant with industry standards.

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