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Long GRP Lifebuoy Housing Pole - Sub-Surface Pole for Lifebuoy Integrated housing Cabinet - Beneath Surface Lifebuoy Mounting GRP Pole

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Long GRP Sub-Surface Pole, made for use with our 24" & 30" Integrated Lifebuoy Housings. It's designed to be installed beneath the surface for a secure and discreet mounting solution. Built with durability in mind, this sub-surface pole offers reliable support for your lifebuoy housing. 

GRP Sub-Surface Pole for Lifebuoy Housing: Long Mounting Solution for Integrated Cabinet

long Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Pole, perfect for mounting the 24" & 30" housings. The sub-surface pole is designed for soft ground, secured below ground level. If mounting on a hard surface, consider our base plate hard-surface pole. Note: Two GRP poles are needed for integrated housing fittings. Secure your life-saving equipment with ease and reliability.

Key Features & Equipment

  • Long GRP Pole: Provides ample length for secure installation and accessibility.
  • Sub-Surface Design: Ideal for soft ground, ensuring stability and durability below ground level.
  • Compatible with 24" & 30" Lifebuoy Housings: Versatile mounting option suitable for various lifebuoy sizes.
  • Secure Installation: Ensures reliable mounting for life-saving equipment, enhancing safety measures.
  • Integrated Housing Cabinet Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly integrate with housing cabinets for a cohesive setup.
  • Beneath Surface Mounting: Offers discreet and space-saving installation, maintaining aesthetic appeal.
  • Reliable GRP Material: Constructed from durable glass-reinforced plastic for long-lasting performance.

Technical Information: 

  • Material: Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
  • Length: Long (specified length)
  • Mounting Type: Sub-Surface
  • Compatibility: Designed for 24" & 30" Lifebuoy Housings
  • Construction: Sturdy and durable for reliable performance
  • Installation: Securely mounts below ground level for stability and safety

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  • Material: Glass-Reinforced Plastic

  • Length: 2000 mm

  • Cross-section:   Circular 60 mm diameter

  • Weight:  2.5 kg

  • Supplied with 2 stitch-screws To secure the Housing to the Pole