SOLAS PPE DRYSUIT With Boots - Woss Breathable with steel toe cap boots

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High visibility SOLAS Drysuit — Woss breathable with steel toe caps and Featuring an easy-don BDM Diagonal self-done zip. Specifically made to be worn for long durations in harsh marine enviroments. 


The Woss Commercial Heavy Duty Breathable Drysuit features a Quadply yellow top and Clotex bottom in black — made to measure. The constant wear drysuit for marine working environments. Designed specifically for long periods of use in the most challenging environments. This breathable, hardwearing working drysuit also features a high visibility yellow top and reflective tape.

Typhoon Water Operation Safety Suit Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • SOLAS Approved Woss Breathable Drysuit
  • Fitted with the BDM Diagonal 'ez-don' self-done zip for easy self-donning of the drysuit — plus, these robust zips can last you years. 
  • Fitted with reinfoirced PU, hard-wearing knees and seat
  • Large range of sizes: XS-XXXL. MB, LB and made
    to measure. 
  • Integrated mitts and hood
  • Fabric socks
  • Double-taped crotch strap
  • Removable internal braces
  • Elasticated waist
  • 2 pockets for storage — flat pocket, and fitted Pocket on right thigh
  • Neoprene material: thermic boots, and glideskin neck with cuff seals — available on request!
  • Optional heavy-duty wellington boots (steel toe and midsole as standard). 


  • Maritime PPE Standards: SOLAS Immersion & Anti-Exposure Suits  "These Immersion and Anti-Exposure Suits should provide the highest level of safety and performance. They incorporate inherent buoyancy which gives the wearer flotation and thermal protection in order to provide the optimum chance of survival and rescue before any negative effects of cold water immersion set in and to protect against the risks of drowning. In accordance with the SOLAS requirements, according to the LSA Code, Chapter II, 2.3: Where required as Immersion suits, they are designed to cover the whole body (including boots to cover the feet), with the exception of the face and with separate gloves that are permanently attached to the suit. Where required as Anti-Exposure suits only, they can be designed and supplied without the boots fitted (as permitted by the Administration) and equipped with a pocket for a portable VHF radio / telephone. An un-insulated immersion suit or anti-exposure suit is intended to provide the wearer with up to 1 hour protection in a water temperature range of > 5°C. An insulated immersion suit is intended to provide the wearer with up to 6 hours protection in a water temperature range of > 0°C. These suits are designed to be worn in conjunction with a compatible SOLAS / MED approved lifejacket."


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  •  Breathable quadply top

  •  Diagonal self-don zip

  •  PU reinforced on knees and seat

  •  Double taped crotch

  •  Latex neck and cuff seals

  •  Removable internal braces

  •  Elasticated waist

  •  Flat pocket

  •  Integrated mitts, stow away hood and Fabric socks

  •  Reflective tape on cuff

  •  Collar folds back and and is held in place by velcro

  •  Glide skin (Neoprene) neck and cuff seals  available on request at  an additional charge 




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