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One of world's most compact and best performing SOLAS lifejackets, available for infants, children, adults and crew. The Besto SOLAS EC 2010 Life-jacket features size-adjustable chin strap for a more comfortable fit around the wearer's neck (suitable for anyone from 43kg and above). Holding the head in an optimised position for in-water preformance, whilst still ensuring room around the airways for breathing (even when wear becomes unconscious) — supporting optimal survival time.


SOLAS/MED Approved Passenger & Crew Lifejackets 

The Besto SOLAS EC 2010 Lifejacket is fully approved to (and exceeds the requirements of) MSC.200(80), and complies with the latest SOLAS standards — and carries the wheelmark sign of approval for it. The compact size of the passenger life vest gives you a comfortable fit and reduces storage volume, making it ideal for passenger vessels. Featuring significant improvements on 3 key positions: 1) Self Righting: The Besto SOLAS 2010 lifejackets 'self rights' in an average of 2-3 seconds (previous SOLAS requirement within 5 seconds. 2) Offers a freeboard more then 140mm (previous SOLAS requirement to be more then 120mm) 3) Optimized Survival time: improved face plan and body angles, for better in-water positioning. 


Besto SOLAS EC 2010 Lifejacket Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • SOLAS / Wheelmark approval and complies to latest SOLAS Standards
  • Exceeds the requirements of) MSC.200(80)
  • '1-size fits all' adjustable chin straps  to ensure comfort and facilitate correct head position / face angle for optimal survival time 
  • Chest block improves in water performance and redirected waves away from face/mouth
  • Retro-reflective tape (5 pieces) for increased life vest visibility
  • High Buoyancy Foam collar for additonal head support
  • Rigid foam connection for better turning force
  • Strong NEXUS buckle and easily adjustable belt
  • Durable 100% PES outer material 
  • lifejacket whistle, that is is securely fastened to the life vest
  • Floatable buddy line that is protected inside an 'easy clip' integrated pocket
  • Adjustable double crotch strap, so that the lifejacket to sit better on the torso — enchancing safety performance
  • Inegrated Grab-loop located on collar
  • Zipper closing

Additonal Lifejacket Options & Accessories:

  • MED/SOLAS approved lights
  • Hi-Viz yellow clothing (adult- crew only)
  • Crew markings
  • Cabin number and Assembly station markings
  • Removable hygienic covers for adjustable chin strap
  • Adhesive donning instructions 

Approved by International Standards / Certifications:

  • SOLAS 74, as amended, Regulation III/4 and 34. The LSA code, Regulations 1/1.2 and II/2.2 IMO Resolution MSC.81 (70), part 1, MSC 200(80), MSC 207(81)
  • Maritime PPE Standards: 
  • SOLAS / MED - "The International Maritime Organisation governs the Convention of Safety Of Life at Sea - SOLAS. This Convention requires that SOLAS requirements are met for all life-saving equipment carried and used on board all ships on international voyages including passenger ships and cargo ships of 500 gross tonnes or more. This includes lifejackets, abandonment suits and immersion suits. Recognition that the equipment fully complies with the requirements of the MED - Marine Equipment Directive - will be denoted by a ‘Ships Steering Wheel’ mark which must be on all equipment sold to European Community Ships of 500 tons or more in size".
  • SOLAS Lifejackets - "All lifejackets must be of double chamber design with 2 automatic inflation systems as well as be fitted with a SOLAS approved light and buddy line for optimum safety."


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Key Features

  • Self righting in an average of 2-3 seconds

  • Freeboard of the mouth: more than 140mm

  • Improved face plan and body angles, for better in-water position to optimize survival time

  • Adjustable chin strap to hold the head in the optimum position even if the wearer becomes unconscious, ensuring good face angles and mouth freeboard

  • Options/Accessories:

    SOLAS/MED approved lights

    Hi-Vis yellow clothing (for adult crew only)

    Crew markings

    Cabin number and Assembly Station markings

    Removable hygienic covers for chin strap

    Adhesive donning instructions


                                Height:               Weight:           Buoyancy:

Infant                                                 0 - 15 Kg             80N

Child                    100 - 155 cm       15 - 43 Kg           165N

Adult                       155+ cm             43+ Kg              170N

Crew Adult             155+ cm             43+ Kg              170N


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