LSA - Enclosed Space Entry Supplement (2015) - English

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Subsequent amendments to SOLAS chapter III/19 required that crew members with enclosed space entry or rescue responsibilities periodically participate in an appropriate drill.

We therefore published a supplement for our 3rd Edition SOLAS Training Manual , detailing various considerations in relation to enclosed spaces and their entry.




Supplement to be added to our 3rd (STM3 2013, English) edition of our SOLAS: Life Saving Appliances (LSA) Training Manual. Suitable for all types of SOLAS ships, and other appropriate vessels.

Provides additional information re Enclosed Space Entry / Rescue, in line with recent amendments to SOLAS Chapter III Regulation 19 (as detailed in IMO Resolution MSC.350(92)). The new (2015) SOLAS Reg. 19.6 specifies that all persons who are required to enter an enclosed space or are assigned enclosed space rescue duties, must take part in appropriate rescue drills.

The supplement is published as a separate, soft-cover document (the page size and format are the same as our SOLAS Training Manual, enabling easy integration if required). The ship's operator can add ship-specific details, so that the document now becomes dedicated to that particular vessel.

ISBN:   978-1-905195-31-2

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