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Pneumatic Line-Thrower - Lightweight Launching Device for Long-Distance Connection at Sea - Rescue Operations Line Launcher

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A pneumatic line thrower is a mechanism designed for propelling a lightweight line over considerable distances at sea. Primarily used to establish connections between points, such as from a ship to the shore, between two vessels, or during rescue operations. Driven by compressed air, this device efficiently propels the line, enabling it to reach longer distances with precision and greater force than manual methods.

Pneumatic Line Launcher - Efficient Lightweight Device for Long-Range Sea Connections - Rescue Operation Line Thrower

The BLT 250 Pneumatic Line Thrower is an advanced device that propels projectiles using a compressed air system. With 4 interchangeable launchers, the projectiles are easily refillable, meeting SOLAS/IMO regulation 74/83 standards. Capable of reaching approximately 250 meters, these projectiles remain unaffected by crosswinds and achieve maximum speed at the end of the launcher. The device is suitable for use in flammable areas. All components are reusable with an unlimited shelf life, and the only associated cost is refilling the cylinder using your air compressor.

Key Features & Equipment Benefits: 

  • Non-explosive Design: Ensures safety in operation, making it suitable for use in and around flammable areas without the risk of explosions.
  • Comprehensive Set: Comes as a complete package, including 4 projectiles, a throwing unit, a user manual, and a robust orange carrying bag. This all-inclusive set provides everything needed for efficient and convenient use.
  • PVC Bag Included:  Protects the equipment from damage and ideal for organised and secure storage, ensuring all components are kept in one place when not in use.

Technical Information:

  • Weight throwing unit 8,3 kg
  • Weight projectile 2,1 kg
  • Materials Aluminium, Stainless steel, MS58 Brass, PVC, and ABS
  • Shooting chamber pressure 65 bar
  • Maximum Recoil 5400N
  • Average Nozzle Velocity 50,6m/s
  • Number of shots 4
  • Aluminum air cylinder pressure 200 bar
  • Aluminum air cylinder volume 2 l

Certifications & Standards

  • RINA
  • USCG
  • Wheelmark
  • SOLAS/IMO regulation 74/83

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Price £1,865.00
Brands T-ISS Safety Supplies



    • Advanced device using a compressed air system for precise projectile launching.

    • 4 interchangeable launchers for easy projectile refill, meeting SOLAS/IMO regulation 74/83 standards.

    • Capable of reaching approximately 250 meters with stability in crosswinds.


Safety and Design:

  • Non-explosive design ensures safety in and around flammable areas.

  • Reusable components with an unlimited shelf life.

  • Sole cost is refilling the cylinder using a standard air compressor.


Package Contents:

    • Comprehensive set includes 4 projectiles, a throwing unit, a user manual, and a robust orange carrying bag.

    • Optional wooden storage box for organised and secure storage.


Technical Information:

    • Weight of Throwing Unit: 8.3 kg

    • Weight of Projectile: 2.1 kg

    • Materials: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, MS58 Brass, PVC, and ABS

    • Shooting Chamber Pressure: 65 bar

    • Maximum Recoil: 5400N

    • Average Nozzle Velocity: 50.6 m/s

    • Number of Shots: 4

    • Aluminium Air Cylinder Pressure: 200 bar

    • Aluminium Air Cylinder Volume: 2 l


Certifications & Standards:

    • RINA

    • USCG

    • Wheelmark

    • SOLAS/IMO Regulation 74/83