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SOLAS & Marine Tapes - I.C. Brindle

I.C. Brindle & Co Ltd are leading marine safety equipment specialists, manufacturing and distributing maritime safety products worldwide. Our in-house manufacturing offers you the highest quality at competitive discounted prices (across the entire market!).


MEDMCAUSCGBureau Veritas and SOLAS compliant or certified

 SOLAS, MED, USCG compliant / approved marine grade retro reflective tape.

European manufactured to the highest standard.

Multi-utility Marine Tapes


The tape is not only adhesive but sewable, used on rescue strops — suitable for BOTH indoor and outdoor application. Unsure about the correct equipment for your fishing vessel, workboat, windfarm or dock? Being established for over 25 years, our Company offers you expert advice!

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Anti-Corrosion TapeAnti-Corrosion Tape
Anti-Corrosion Tape

These innovative anti-corrosion tapes employ 'sacrificial' self-oxidising mechanisms and are constructed with rust-resistant mixtures to safeguard materials against galvanic corrosion - extending the lifespan of your products, goods, and structures. 

Anti-Leak / Splashing TapeAnti-Leak / Splashing Tape
Anti-Leak / Splashing Tape

Safeguard tubing systems and workspaces from risky water and chemical spray-outs using anti-leak / splashing tapes. Providing a protective solution within sensitive working enviroments such as chemical pipelines, and tubing systems located outside engines rooms. 

Insulation TapeInsulation Tape
Insulation Tape

Specialised and versatile insulation tapes for heat insulation, temperature reduction, and general protection. This range of safety tapes prevents leaks, resists salt exposure, combats corrosion, and thrives in adverse weather, ensuring optimal installation performance.

Marking & Retro-Reflective TapeMarking & Retro-Reflective Tape
Marking & Retro-Reflective Tape

A comprehensive collection featuring retro-reflective and safety marking tapes. Elevate marine safety with highly visible tapes, designed to prevent hazards, enhance location awareness, and provide clear indications for various applications. SOLAS approvals. 

Additional / Miscellaneous TapeAdditional / Miscellaneous Tape
Additional / Miscellaneous Tape

Strong, sturdy and strong marine safety tapes that offer general weather-resistance, effective adhesion and chemical resistance. Designed for no-nonsence repairing of objects, leak prevention, and accident prevention.

Guide for SOLAS & Marine TapeGuide for SOLAS & Marine Tape
Guide for SOLAS & Marine Tape

The I.C. Brindle Buyer's Guide: Navigate our Marine & SOLAS Tapes range with clarity. Learn the distinct advantages of SOLAS tapes for visibility and compliance, and General Marine Safety Tapes for versatile maritime solutions.

Featured Products

Introducing Our SOLAS & Marine Tapes Collection: Elevating General Safety and Low-light Visibility

Explore a wide range of SOLAS & Marine Tapes collection. These specialised adhesive safety solution tapes are designed to safeguard workplaces and enhance visibility across diverse marine environments. 

SOLAS Tapes: Ensuring Maritime Compliance & Safety

SOLAS Tapes are essential assets in the maritime domain. With their advanced retro-reflective properties, these tapes guarantee exceptional visibility in low-light conditions, playing a critical role on vessels, life-saving equipment, and offshore structures. Beyond their luminosity, SOLAS Tapes also signify compliance with evolving safety regulations, embodying a commitment to maritime security and preparedness for emergencies. By using these tapes, maritime entities champion a commitment to a secure and protected maritime environment. 

General Marine Safety Tapes: Versatile and Resilient Solutions for Marine Workspaces

General Marine Safety Tapes serve as vital assets in the maritime sector, offering adaptable solutions to a wide spectrum of safety challenges. From preventing accidents to ensuring secure workspaces, these tapes are tailored to withstand the rigors of marine environments. With their bold hazard warning designs and bold colour variations, they efficiently mark danger zones and potential obstacles, even in low visibility scenarios — effectively reducing the risk of mishaps. Moreover, their anti-slip, tight-seal, or leak-prevention properties provide essential traction on wet surfaces, mitigating slips and falls. These marine safety tapes' versatility allows them to be seamlessly applied to various maritime structures, while their endurance against saltwater, temperature variations, and harsh conditions ensures longevity and cost-effectiveness. 

Learn More About SOLAS and Marine Tapes

For an in-depth understanding, explore our comprehensive Buyer's Guide on SOLAS & Marine Tapes. This resource highlights the nuances of SOLAS and General Marine Safety Tapes, outlining their functionalities, advantages, and suitability for marine settings.