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HeatStop - Heat Insulation Tape - Marine Safety Tapes for Insulating Heat - Temperature Reduction Tape

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Bio-soluble Heat Stop Tape: Shields surfaces, reduces temperatures drastically. 180 °C tube drops to 60 °C post-application, surpassing competitors at 95 °C. Crafted eco-friendly from biosoluble fibres, it outperforms ceramic fiber tape in performance and biodegradability. Woven with stainless steel wire and fiberglass filament, Solas tape assures lasting heat resistance, BV regulation compliance. Ideal for maritime and offshore, it offers impressive temperature reduction, safety, efficiency, and eco-friendliness.

Marine Safety Tape for Effective Heat Temperature Reduction - Biosoluble Heat Stop Tape - Heat Reducing Insulation Tapes

Biosoluble Heat Stop Tape, the ultimate solution for superior heat insulation. This tape not only shields surfaces but reduces temperatures, cooling a 180°C tube to just 60°C (outperforming competitors at 95°C). Crafted from innovative biosoluble fibers, it surpasses traditional ceramic fiber tape in performance and sustainability. With a unique chemical composition, it excels in durability and biodegradability. Woven with stainless steel wires and fiberglass filament, it maintains high-temperature performance. BV regulation compliant, it ensures maritime safety standards. Perfect for temperature reduction in maritime and offshore settings — Heat Stop Soluble Tape offers effective and environmentally responsible cooling. 

Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Superior Heat Insulation: Effectively shields surfaces and significantly reduces temperatures.
  • Remarkable Cooling Performance: Decreases a 180°C tube to just 60°C, outperforming competitors at 95°C.
  • Innovative Biosoluble Fibers: Surpasses traditional ceramic fiber tape, offering enhanced performance and biodegradability.
  • Unique Chemical Composition: Unmatched durability and sustainability - no cracking and no hardening. 
  • Stainless Steel Wires and Fiberglass Filament: Ensures lasting high-temperature performance in diverse conditions.
  • BV Regulation Compliance: Confirms adherence to stringent maritime safety standards.
  • Ideal for Maritime and Offshore Applications: Provides effective temperature reduction in demanding environments.
  • Environmentally Responsible Cooling: Offers eco-friendly cooling without compromising efficiency.
  • Safe for Health: Ensures user safety without any health hazards.
  • Withstanding High Heat: Temperature resistance: 1000 °C

Technical Information:

  • Meets SOLAS Regulation II/2/12.2.10
  • Complies with MSC 61 (67)
  • GTS Verification of Compliance
  • EN 14306:2009 + A1:2013


Article Number Description Dimensions Weight Thickness
HST050 Heat Stop BIO Tape 50mm x 7.7m 252gr 3mm
HST100 Heat Stop BIO Tape 100mm x 3.3m 609gr 12.5mm

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gtin HST050, HST100
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Brands T-ISS Safety Supplies


  • Type: Biosoluble Heat Stop Tape

  • Material: Biosoluble Fiber

  • Heat Resistance: Superior, sustained performance

  • Compliance: BV Regulation Compliant

  • Ideal For: Maritime and offshore applications

  • Length Options: Refer to available product variants

  • Application: Easy to apply for quick heat insulation

  • Environment: Eco-friendly and safe for health

  • Meets SOLAS Regulation II/2/12.2.10

  • Complies with MSC 61 (67)

  • GTS Verification of Compliance

  • EN 14306:2009 + A1:2013

Article Number:

  • HST050

  • HST100