Search & Rescue Tent

 Utililising Fast Inflation Shelters During Search & Rescue

Shelter and protecting yourself (alongside others) from the environment, and the elements around you — is a basic survival need.

Along with food and water, shelter and temperature control are two of the most important elements for human survival in a possible life or death situation. Particularly when these situations involve a level of geographical isolation for those that require urgent rapid response from a search and rescue team.

Search and rescue operations may require the use of helicopters or specialised equipment (like a rescue stretcher or strop or walkway) to assist in the retrieval of person(s) who are exposed to life-threatening elements. Injury and immobility are also likely in these isolated locations due to activities such as hiking, mountaineering, or camping. These types of activities can lead victims to become trapped! And at the mercy of the nature — such as a mountain side or thick forest. 


Isolated areas during hikes or expeditions expose individuals to the force of nature. Unpredicatable weather and dangerous terrain, with often higher altitudes.

Why Use a Fast-Inflation Shelter?

Isolated locations, like a mountainous or rocky area at elevation may be hard to navigate for rescuer tems - giving them obstacles to overcome when transporting patients as quickly as possible — and safely. With this being said, the length of time for a safe and successful rescue operation would be longer in comparison to less remote, more accessible areas. 

This means time is of the essence in these situations — and every second counts!

A victim, who, unable to move due to injury or fatigue won't survive long if their core body temperature rises or falls very far outside of 98.6 F. Meaning, patients will need quick first aid and medical attention away from the exposure of the elements. A search and rescue team arriving on scene equipped with the Search & Mountain Rescue Shelter can provide this vital initial care, quickly and effectively, through the rescue shelter's rapid-deployment capabilities. As medical attention is administered — appropriate transport will be able to make it way to the scene to retrieve the patients in due time, thanks to the quick inflation shelter.



Emergency rescue shelter with large vehicle flaps, weighing the shelter to hard surfaces where pegs aren't used. A vital tool in your search & rescue arsenal.

Quick-Inflation Walkways vs Different Terrains 

There is also the problem of reaching casualties in the first place! Isolated areas of land make it difficult to access those in need in time. Preforming a rescue in unstable terrain such as water, mud or ice needs equipment that is both durable, and adaptable — enabling the search and rescue team to utilise their rescue tent when they reach the location. Inflatable rescue walkways provide a solution to this problem, allowing you to reach and recover casualty by giving a stable bridge between you and those in danger who need your help.

The inflatable rescue path can be inflated to the correct level for maximum stability to combat different, unforgiving terrain-types. For example, inflating the Fast Path to the correct level to offer stability suitable to type of ground underneath (such as water, mud or ice) allows the rescue to be continued as quickly as possible, by creating a firm, stable yet adaptable walkway for you to walk over, and transport necessary equipment or much needed medical supplies. The 3-Chamber catamaran design with intergrated isolation valves provide quick isolation of a damaged section in emergency situations.


The ICB Fast Path enables access to casualties isolated by terrain - available in 2m, 5m & 10m joinable lengths plus custom options


I.C. Brindle & Co. Ltd - Inflating the Search and Rescue Shelter:

ICB Fast Inflation Emergency Shelters can be inflated using a standard BA cylinder or CGA (US) cylinder with an adaptor, electric 230v or 12v pump making them ideal for emergency rapid deployment use in time critical situations! The fast-inflation feature allows for a quicker assembly in isolated areas where terrain or space hinder movement — meaning, when margins between life and death are slim! Being able to react quickly with the aid of rapid-deployment equipment is critical during rescue operations, and preserving lives in the process!  

Utilising accessories with a Fast Inflatable Shelter ensures a 'two-pronged attack' method for rapid deployment during a search and rescue operation, with inflation outputs being supplemented with the use of both the main motor and booster motor when using the high powered 230V pump.




Bravo BTP12 (with integrated manometer) & 12V & Bravo 230V Pump (provides up to 230 mbar (3.3PSI) from the main motor)


Our Inflatable Air shelters are extremly robust in their design with overall weight efficiency. Due to their durablility, size, weight, rapid deployment and securing features, our rescue shelters prove to be an invaluable piece of equipment for search and rescue teams worldwide!

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