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Fire Isolator Blanket - Electric Vehicle (EV) Fire Blanket - EV Vehicle Fire Blanket - Fire Isolator Blanket for Electrical Vehicle Fires

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The Fire Isolator blanket is designed to tackle the increasing danger of electric vehicle fires (EV) in areas such as car parks, parking lots, ferries and ocean going vessels.

Standard size options available:

9 x 6 meters for cars/pickup trucks/small vans

3 x 3 meters for eBikes/eScooters and stored lithium-ion batteries

2 x2 meters for eBikes/eScooters and stored lithium-ion batteries

note - The EV Fire Isolator Blanket can be produced in various sizes to meet specific needs. Please feel free to enquire at, or call us directly on +44 (0)1202 657814


Fire Isolator EV Blanket - Fire Safety Blanket for Electric Vehicles - EV Fire Protection Blanket - Electric Car Fire Suppression Blanket - Blanket for EV Battery Fires

Fire Isolator Blanket, Designed and Manufactured to be used on EV/lithium Fire

  • The danger of lithium-ion batteries, such as those found in smartphones and electric vehicles (EVs), catching fire or exploding is well known. While the actual consequences of an EV battery catching fire and the dangers that these fires can cause are well known, it remains very difficult to control and extinguish these fires.
  • Imagine if this happened on the parking deck of a ferry or in an underground parking garage. The consequences could be catastrophic. The methods of extinguishing a fire in a lithium-ion battery depend on the location and extent of the fire.
  • However, as a general rule, special extinguishing equipments and methods are required to completely and safely extinguish or isolate the fire. By using multiple ways and materials of EV car firefighting, you increase the chances of safely isolating the fire by 500%.

The Fire Isolator was MADE for EV’s and Tested accordingly.

  • The Fire Isolator Electric Vehicle Blanket can be used for normal, combustion-engine and EV car fires. It is designed to be deployed in parking garages, parking lots, onboard ferries and ocean-going vessels etc.
  • The blanket is extremely robust and suitable for professional fire fighters and other trained persons, each blanket is reusable and simply needs rinsing with water and storing it in its Smartbag after each use. 
  • By depriving the oxygen source of the fire and isolating the smoke the damaged caused and the cost of repair is hugely reduced, the incident also becomes much safer and easier for firefighting crews to deal with which in return saves lives!

Fire Isolator is a Concept to Minimise the Collateral Damage and Control an EV car fire, up to a Point Where you can Safely Remove the Car

  • The product can withstand temperatures of 1600 °C (with ISO test certifcate) for more than 50 hours and is suitable for professional fire fighters and other trained persons. The size of the blanket means it can be used for all car sizes from a small city cars up to large SUV models, is easy to deploy and easily placed over a car by only 2 people.
  • Once the blanket had been positioned over the vehicle the available FIre Isolator Aerosol Units can be used to diffuse the situation further. More information on the AEROSOL Units can be found *Here*
  • Discounts are available on quantities of 5+ units — please contact us to enquire. 

Key Features & Equipment Benefits: 

  • Temperature Resistance: Made of silica-grade materials, ensuring a temperature resistance of up to 1600 °C/2900 °F (peak temperatures) for superior fire protection.
  • Eco-friendly Composition: Crafted with eco-friendly materials, promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.
  • Prolonged Heat Endurance: Withstands temperatures of 1200 °C/2200 °F for more than 50 hours, providing extended protection in high-temperature scenarios.
  • Stringent Testing: Tested according to ISO EN 13501-1 & ASTMD6413 standards, ensuring compliance with internationally recognized fire safety benchmarks.
  • Reusability: The Fire Blanket is reusable, contributing to cost-effectiveness and sustainable firefighting practices.
  • Easy Deployment: Equipped with coloured loops for easy identification and quick deployment, ensuring efficient use during emergencies.
  • Surrounding Protection: Protects the surroundings and prevents collateral damage, minimising the impact of the fire on adjacent areas.
  • Size Adaptability: Suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from small cars to large pick-ups, ensuring broad applicability in different scenarios.
  • Custom Sizing: Different sizes are available upon request, accommodating specific needs and catering to small electric vehicles (LEVs) like e-scooters/e-bikes.

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SKU No. - 40020418

Working Size - 900cm x 600cm 

Packed Size - 120cm x 40cm x 30cm 

Lifespan - 10 Years

Weight - 42Kg

Material - Hi Silica Grade, Eco Friendly

Temperature - Tested tp + 1600 °C

Tests - ASTMD6413

HS Code - 8091 9090 00