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Crewsaver Crewfit 165N Sport Manual or Automatic Lifejacket - Lightweight, Compact Lifejacket for Recreation / Yachting - Crewfit 165 Newton Sport Lifejacket

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Crewfit 165N Sport Manual – Red

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Crewfit 165N Sport Manual – Navy Blue

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£85.81 £71.51
Crewfit 165N Sport Manual – Black Grey

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£85.81 £71.51
Crewfit 165N Sport Automatic - Red

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£90.31 £75.26
Crewfit 165N Sport Automatic - Navy Blue

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£90.31 £75.26
Crewfit 165N Sport Automatic - Blue

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£90.31 £75.26
Crewfit 165N Sport Automatic - Black Grey

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£90.31 £75.26

The Crewfit 165 Sport* is engineered for the everyday recreational boater. This lifejacket surpasses expectations, blending cutting-edge safety features, stylish design, and unbeatable comfort, all at an affordable price. As the most compact and lightweight lifejacket in our collection, the Crewfit 165N Sport prioritises user safety without sacrificing convenience.

The innovative bladder shape, complete with light and hood attachment points, ensures that wearers are effortlessly rotated into a face-up position, even when unconscious. The incorporation of Fusion 3D technology takes comfort to new heights, providing a tailored and snug fit. With four distinct colour options, the Crewfit 165N Sport not only guarantees safety but also adds a touch of personal style to your boating experience.

*Manual and Automatic Lifejacket Options Available.


Crewsaver Crewfit Lightweight and Compact Sporting 165 Newton Lifejacket for Lesiure Boating -165N Sport Lifejacket

The enhanced safety and style of the Crewfit 165 Sport, a paramount solution that refuses to compromise on safety, style, comfort, or price. Tailored for the everyday recreational boater, this refined lifejacket embodies a commitment to unparalleled safety without sacrificing elegance. The Crewfit 165N Sport stands out as our most compact and lightweight lifejacket on the market today, ensuring a comfortable and secure experience for every user.

Crafted with a unique bladder shape featuring light and hood attachment points, this lifejacket is designed to rotate the wearer into a face-up position, even in unconscious situations. The integration of Fusion 3D technology further enhances the bespoke fit, setting a new standard in safety and comfort. Available in four distinctive colourways, the Crewfit 165N Sport delivers exceptional value for money, making no compromises on safety, style, or comfort.

Key Features & Equipment Benefits: 

  • Fusion 3D Shape: Unparalleled comfort, providing a bespoke and snug fit for extended wear.
  • EXOLOK Technology: Clear indication of cylinder movement, unscrewing, or tampering, ensuring continuous safety.
  • Robust Outer Cover: Durability and longevity, with a sturdy outer cover built to withstand various conditions.
  • Short Profile 33g CO2 Cylinder: Compact design for reduced bulk, allowing ease of movement without sacrificing buoyancy.
  • Buckle Adjuster for Size Accommodation: Versatile sizing, accommodating a range of sizes for a personalized and secure fit.
  • Crotch Strap: Additional safety, preventing the lifejacket from riding up during water activities.
  • Unique Bladder Shape with Light and Hood Attachment Points: Facilitates wearer rotation into a face-up position, even if unconscious, ensuring optimal safety.
  • Fusion 3D Technology: Benchmark product with a comfortable and bespoke fit, setting a new standard in lifejacket design.
  • Available in Four Distinct Colourways: Personalisation and style, offering real value for money with no compromise on safety or comfort.
  • Inflatable Lifejacket with Unique Chin Support: Provides 165N of buoyancy, ensuring reliable flotation in water emergencies.
  • BS EN ISO 12402-3 Certified: Adherence to international safety standards, guaranteeing a high level of product safety.
  • Attachment Points for Safety Harness (Harness Version): Compatibility with safety harness, enhancing overall safety during water activities.
  • Soft Loop D-ring for Safety Harness Attachment: Additional safety feature for attaching safety harness (available in harness version).
  • Attachment Point for Optional Crewsaver Surface Light: Enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, improving overall safety.
  • Durable Clip Lock Buckle: Reliable and secure closure, ensuring the lifejacket stays in place during use.

Technical Information: 

  • Newtons: 165N (approved to ISO 150N)
  • Type: Lifejacket
  • Flotation: Inflatable
  • Chambers: Single
  • Harness: Optional Deck

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More Information
Brands Crewsaver
Lifejacket Buoyancy 165 Newtons


  • Type: Inflatable Lifejacket

  • Flotation: 165N (approved to ISO 150N)

  • Chambers: Single

  • Harness: Optional Deck


Key Features:


Attachment Points:

    • For Crewsaver Surface Light

    • For Oral Inflation Tube

    • For Whistle

    • For 165N Inflation Chamber

    • For UML MK5 (automatic) or Halkey Roberts Aviation Mini (manual)

    • For Lifting Becket

    • For Reflective Tape

    • For Peninsula Chin Support


Flotation Technology:

    • Fusion 3D shape for ultimate comfort



    • Robust outer cover for durability


CO2 Cylinder:

    • Short profile 33g CO2 cylinder



    • Centre buckle adjuster to accommodate a range of sizes

    • Crotch strap for additional security

    • Soft loop D-ring for attaching safety harness (harness version)


Additional Features:

    • Attachment point for optional Crewsaver Surface Light

    • Durable clip lock buckle



    • Newtons: 165N (approved to ISO 150N)