Pilot Ladder – Embarkation Ladder with Spreaders – Wooden Hardwood Beech

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Hardwood (beech wood) Pilot Ladder. Assists pilot and crews getting in and out of the vessel in normal situations.

Pilot Ladder – Embarkation Ladder with Spreaders

What Do I Use a Pilot Ladder For?

The pilot ladder is used for the pilot and crews getting in and out the vessel in normal situations. The pilot ladder has a spreader, differential from the embarkation ladder in it's design. The steps of each ladder are made of hard wood, except for the last 4 steps, which are made of rubber. The pilot ladder is a convenient means of transferring personnel into and out of a vessel safely. 

Why Do I Need a Pilot Ladder? 

In December 2010 IMO MSC 88 adopted MSC.308(88), which contains amendments to SOLAS regulation V/23 and IMO resolution A.1045(27) this amendment provides additional recommendation for pilot ladder arrangements and pilot transfer arrangements applicable to all new built vessels and some existing vessels.

Key Features & Equipment Benefits

  • Enables crews to get in and out of vessel 
  • Hard wood steps for durability 
  • Last 4 steps made from rubber for foot purchase 
  • Hardwood (beech wood) spreader
  • 4 Strand Manila rope
  • Step Thimbles: Hardwood (beech wood)
  • Aluminium rope clamp
  • Istituto Giordano Wheelmark
  • Complies with IMO Res. A1045(27), MSC / Circ. 1428,
  • ISO 799 (2004), SOLAS 74 Conv. as, amended Reg. V23, X/3


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