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SOLAS Flameguard MK3 Firefighters Set - SOLAS Certified Complete SOLAS Firefighters Suit - Two-Piece Firefighting Suit - Aluminised Fire-resistant Material to EN11612

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The Flameguard Mk 3 Firefighters Set* is a firefighting solution designed for optimal performance. This two-piece suit, meticulously crafted from aluminised fire-resistant material adhering to the EN11612 certification, sets the standard for safety and durability. The jacket, with a protective stand-up collar and elasticated cuffs, ensures a secure fit with its 50 mm touch and close fastening mechanism. Paired with trousers featuring 25 mm webbing braces and nylon adjusters, the suit accommodates various body types, providing a comfortable and adjustable fit. The elasticated lower leg enhances mobility, making this suit the go-to choice for firefighters facing diverse challenges. Uniformly sized for convenience, the Flameguard Mk 3 Suit simplifies the procurement process, offering unmatched protection and performance.

Probuddy Helmet & Palmbuddy Gloves Non-SOLAS Approved.

SOLAS Flameguard MK3 Fire Safety Kit - SOLAS Approved Comprehensive Fire-Resistant Ensemble - Two-Piece Firefighter Gear - Aluminised Flame-Retardant Suit in Accordance with EN11612

The Flameguard Mk 3 Firefighter Suit*, a meticulously crafted two-piece ensemble designed to excel in the harshest firefighting conditions. Constructed with aluminised fire-resistant material meeting the rigorous EN11612 standards, this suit ensures paramount protection against high temperatures and flames. The jacket, featuring a stand-up collar and elasticated cuffs, boasts a 50 mm touch and close fastening for swift and secure closure. Accompanied by trousers equipped with 25 mm webbing braces and nylon adjusters, the lower leg is elasticated for enhanced mobility. Designed for versatility, this suit caters to a wide range of wearers, offering a reliable and comfortable firefighting solution.


*Probuddy Helmet & Palmbuddy Gloves Non-SOLAS Approved.

Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Two-Piece Construction: Enhanced flexibility and freedom of movement for the wearer, providing a comfortable and practical firefighting solution.
  • Aluminised Fire-Resistant Material (EN11612): Superior protection against high temperatures and flames, meeting stringent safety standards for reliable performance.
  • Stand-Up Collar: Increased protection and coverage for the neck area, minimizing exposure to heat and potential hazards.
  • Elasticated Cuffs: Secure and snug fit, preventing heat infiltration and ensuring continuous protection during firefighting operations.
  • 50 mm Touch and Close Fastening: Easy and quick closure mechanism for both the front and collar, facilitating rapid deployment and removal of the suit.
  • Trousers with Webbing Braces (25 mm) and Nylon Adjusters: Adjustable fit to accommodate a wide range of wearers, ensuring comfort and suitability for various body types.
  • Elasticated Lower Leg: Improved mobility and ease of movement, allowing firefighters to navigate challenging environments with agility.
  • Comprehensive Sizing Options: Wide range of sizing sizing for convenient procurement, streamlining the ordering process for firefighting gear.

The Complete set comprises of the following : 

  • SOLAS Firefighter Aluminised Jacket ( S-XXL)

  • SOLAS Firefighter Aluminised Trousers ( S-XXL )

  • SOLAS Probuddy Firefighters Helmet ( Adjustable Universal ) 

  • SOLAS Aluminised Gauntlet ( Universal ) 

  • SOLAS Rubber Gauntlet ( Universal ) 

  • SOLAS MED Rubber Boots ( UK 7-12 ) 

  • Carry Valise 

Technical Information:

  • BUREAU VERITAS Rules for the Classification of Steel Ships
  • SOLAS 74 as amended, Regulation II-2/10
  • FSS Code as amended
  • EN ISO 11612:2015 
  • Sizes S-XXL (Jacket & Trousers)

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  • Ships Wheel, SOLAS Approved 
  • Comprises of Helmet, Jacket, Trousers,  Gauntlets , Rubber Gauntlets, Boots, Valise  
  • Suit Material - Aluminised Fire Resistant Modacrylic Cotton 
  • Trousers - S-XXL
  • Jacket - S-XXL
  • Pro Buddy Helmet - 1 size fits all 
  • Palm Buddy Gloves - 1 size fits all 
  • MED Boot size - 7-12