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Decontamination Shelter 

Product Description:

Introducing the Decontamination Shelter from I.C. Brindle. Engineered for rapid deployment and reliable performance during decontamination emergencies—can be set up in a matter of minutes. 

Quickly inflates with various pump options, maintaining robustness without constant support to withstand adverse environments. Its lightweight design ensures easy transportation, while connectable segments and an inner Decontamination Chamber enable customisation, allowing you to join three shelters to create a mass decontamination unit.

Complete with a comprehensive repair kit and optional add-ons, it's the perfect solution for addressing contamination threats and humanitarian crises. Equipped with sturdy pegs, our shelters guarantee longevity and dependability.

Choose extras like heating, lighting, and custom branding. 

Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Quick assembly in minutes
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to transport.
  • Connectable sections and inner Decontamination System
  • Stands firm without continuous inflation.
  • No mechanical framework needed. 
  • Minimal training, servicing and maintenance costs
  • Allows rapid response in decontamination scenarios
  • Multiple pump options (12v, 110v, 230v), high-pressure hose, and BA cylinder
  • Dual doors at the front and back offer access with privacy windows and a clear signage pouch.
  • Convenient canopy includes service ports and an extended rain gutter.
  • Inner cell features an inward service port and rolling doors for more space.
  • Flexible design includes room dividers and color-coded signs.
  • Safety features include a Chevron pattern, vents, and hose access holes.
  • Storage is made easy with triangular pouches and Velcro flaps for pipework.
  • Repair kit includes sturdy pegs and tools.
  • Optional extras like heating, lighting, and personalised branding are available.

Used For: 

  • Chemical Spill Response
  • Biological Hazard Response
  • Radiation Exposure Incidents
  • Hazmat Incidents
  • Emergency Response Drills

What to Expect Once an Order is Placed: 

  • After receiving your order we will discuss your requirements in full then providing you with full set of CAD drawings for your approval prior to the manufacturing. This enable all parties be assured that the shelters are supplied exactly as required.
  • All of our decontamination shelters are made to order, This allows us to tailor your order to meet your exact needs, making any specific changes or additions you feel would be beneficial , Such as adding room dividers, pockets or changing window/door position for example.
  • On request we offer a morning's onsite training to demonstrate the correct inflation, deflation and packing methods to any trainers or end user if required.

Technical Information:

  • Please see the the Technical Specification tab below. 







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    More Information
    Price £5,500.00
    CMS Block Decontamination Shelter
    Decon Shelter (Dims)  
    Shelter (m) 3m x 5.02m x 2.95m
    Length (cm) 300cm
    Int. Length (cm) 300cm
    Width (cm) 500cm
    Int. Width (cm) 450cm
    Height (cm) 290cm
    Int. Height (cm) 275cm
    Beam Size (cm) 25cm
    Working Pressure (ltr) 1.4
    Packed Size (m) 1.1m x 0.9m x 0.8m
    Packed Weight (kg) 70kg