Credit terms available to government Organisations, NHS, Schools & Blue light services

Marina Safety Stations

The Marina Safety Station is a 'go-to' storage station, used on Jetties or Marinas. Also see our fire extinguisher straps.


Allowing storage of a lifebuoy, throwing line and possibly vital fire extinguisher

Very strong ABS injection moulded plastic for the back, and polycarbonate for the lid.

 Left or the right hand side door hinge for tight spaces

Fitted with a very effective EPDM seal to prevent water/dust ingress.

Compact & high profile safety stations - perfect for jetties and marinas

Manufactured using highly UV resistant!



Don't require a fire extinguisher? See our ready-to-buy sets, — including lifebuoy Housing Cabinets, Poles or Clamps for Railings and Throwing Lines. Find these in the 'Premium Lifebuoy Set' and 'Budget Lifebuoy Set' sections. 

Our life rings and sets are sold worldwide with global shipping to a wide range of clients - such as: Councils, Government Agencies, the Construction Industry, the Maritime Industry, Sports Clubs, Campsites , Bed & Breakfast owners, Hotels, amongst MANY others!

What is a lifebuoy ? A lifebuoy, ring buoy, lifering, lifesaver, life preserver or lifebelt, also known as a "Kisby Ring" or "Perry Buoy", is a life saving buoy designed to be thrown to a person in the water, to provide buoyancy, to prevent drowning. 

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